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HPV vaccine injuries are no longer extremely rare. In fact, neither are vaccine injuries in general. This is exemplified by the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA). To date, it’s paid approximately $4 billion to families with vaccine injured children. These adverse reactions are the reason why the Japanese government, for example, suspended its recommendation of the HPV vaccine. It’s also important to note that these injuries only take into account 1 percent of all vaccine injured children, seeing as how 99 percent of vaccine injuries go completely unreported. (source)

Furthermore, the NCVIA completely protects pharmaceutical companies from any blame, which means that they can get away with being completely careless with their products.

The latest example to make noise regarding HPV vaccine injury is Jennifer Robi, a 24-year-old former athlete and scholar who has been confined to a wheelchair since receiving her third Gardasil vaccine at the age of sixteen. She suffers continual uncontrolled neuro/muscular contractions (jerking), postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), and many other symptoms of systemic autoimmune dysregulation.

Jennifer’s attorney, Sol Ajalat, initially brought her case in Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and then, following a judgment in the program, elected to proceed in civil court. Since VICA (the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act) forbids recoveries for product defect or negligence, Ajalat brought Jennifer’s civil case under the theories that Merck committed fraud during its clinical trials and then failed to warn Jennifer (and, by implication, other injured girls) about the high risks and overstated benefits of the vaccine.

You can read more about that story here.

Another example I’ve written about in the past is a boy named Colton Berrett.  You can read more about his case and watch an interview with him and his mother here.

Scrolling through Colton’s mother’s Facebook page is how I became aware of another recent case. Mind you, there are thousands of cases but none of them seem to receive any media attention. This tragic case affected a young 14-year-old boy named Christopher Bunch, and nobody is hearing about his case either.

His mother recently started a petition to create more awareness, and it reads as follows, detailing her son’s story:

My 14 year old son received the 1st dose of the deadly and useless HPV VACCINE on June 29th 2018 and after only 46 days later he passed away on August 14th 2018. We took him to put local ER on the night of August 8th. They did testing for any virus or infection and all blood work came back negative. The Dr’s suggested my son be moved to Children’s Hospital in Iowa City. It was there that the Dr’s discovered my son had encephalitis. The Neurologist them came in and diagnosed him with ADEM DISEASE. From that point on my son spiraled downhill fast. He then went into respiratory failure, paralysis to the left side of his body, then stated having seizures. He was being treated with extremely high doses of steroids to combat the swelling in his brain. His case was so severe at this point that they had no other choice but to perform a craniotomy on the right side of his skull to help with brain swelling. His brain continued to swell and he ended up having a brain herniation. He was pronounced brain dead on August 14th 2018. My son was only 14 years old, bright, smart, handsome, awesome baseball player, he was on the honor roll and just 2 days from starting high school. He died as a direct result of the HPV VACCINE. My son should have never been given this medicine as he has NO CERVIX! This drug has not been proven to prevent cervical cancer. Japan named this drug in 2014 because of so many adverse reactions. My son Christopher Bunch and another child named Colton Berrett both died as a result of the HPV VACCINE. There are hundreds of children that have died and thousands more that have been injured.

Christopher’s story was mentioned by Global News, who used the headline “Boy, 14, Dies of Rare Neurological Disease After Complaining of A Headache.” The story does briefly point out that “In rare cases, it can also occur after vaccination for measles, mumps, or rubella. In other cases, however, ADEM can set in without any triggers. Maynard said that her son had both recently had an infection and received vaccinations.”

ADEM disease is brain inflammation, which can occur following an HPV vaccination.

When one looks at the independent literature, so studies that are not sponsored by the vaccine manufacturers, so with relation to Gardasil there have been several reports documenting multiple sclerosis and encephalitis, which is brain inflammation, in girls who have received their Gardasil vaccine.” – Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic, PhD, Post-doctoral Fellow at the University of British Columbia where she works in Neurosciences and the Department of Medicine (source)

In July 2016, a case was filed in the Superior Court of the State of California, Los Angeles County (central district). The case involved a 16-year-old female who, between 2010 and 2011, received three injections of Gardasil, the HPV vaccination manufactured by Merck. Shortly after she received her third vaccination, she suffered a severe adverse reaction, the nature and complexity of which failed to be diagnosed until 2015 when she finally received the diagnosis of Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS).

The family decided to file a case against the manufacturer of the vaccine, Merck.

It is a well-known fact that all pharmaceutical products must undergo extensive pre-marketing clinical trials, often spanning several years before the FDA can consider the product for licensing.

The complaint written by the family’s attorney stated that:

“Upon approval by the FDA of the Gardasil vaccine, Defendants Merck, Does 1 through 25, and each of them commenced and engaged in highly extensive, and aggressive marketing practices, which were designed primarily, if not solely, to increase the sales and profits from Gardasil. In doing so, Defendants Merck, Does 1 through 25, and each of them, in order to preclude any and all questions by consumers, patients and others, as to the effectiveness, safety and need for the administration of the Gardasil vaccination as well as the risks of serious adverse reaction related thereto, intentionally, wrongfully and deceitfully withheld, failed to provide and concealed from consumers, patients and others material facts and information with respect to the effectiveness, safety and need for the administration of the Gardasil vaccination, as well as the risks of serious adverse reaction related thereto and as in part hereafter set forth.”

The complaint continued by describing each and every misdemeanour that Merck was thought to have participated in. It stated:

“Further, Defendants Merck and Does 1 through 25 in its Marketing wrongfully and deceitfully failed to unambiguously inform those to whom the marketing was directed, of material facts and information which they knew or should have ascertained through their investigations and studies specific to risk/ benefit and quantitative risk assessments regarding and including, among other things, the following:

1. The five-year period that the Gardasil vaccine was then only known to be effective;
2. That Gardasil was effective only as to certain and not other strains of the HPV virus;
3. The Gardasil vaccine is not effective once an individual is infected with the HPV virus;
4. Other existing methods that are effective in avoiding HPV viral infections;
5. The minimal risk that even once the individual was infected with the HPV virus the infection would result in precancerous lesions;
6. The successfulness of exiting methods of diagnosing and treating HPV precancerous lesions;
7. The successfulness of exiting methods of diagnosing and treating any resulting cancer;
8. The nature as the consequences of serious adverse reactions to the HPV vaccine; and
9. Other items related and material to risk/benefit and quantitative risk assessments not now known and if required leave of Court will be requested to amend this complaint to set forth fully such item or items when ascertained.

Such information was and is reasonably required by patients and consumers as well as others when considering and deciding whether or not under their individual and personal circumstances to be vaccinated with Gardasil.”

Not only did the family and their attorney outline an excellent and well thought out case, they went one step further and suggested that the court hold a Science Day Hearing.

This kind of thing also compliments documents that were uncovered by Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic (quoted earlier in the article). The documents reveal that the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) made “continuous efforts to withhold critical data on severe adverse reactions and contraindications to vaccinations to both parents and health practitioners in order to reach overall vaccination rates, which they deemed were necessary for herd immunity.” (source)

Shouldn’t it be illegal to deliberately conceal information from parents for the sole purpose of getting them to comply with an official vaccination schedule?

When I came across a study published in the journal Pediatrics where researchers used a national survey asking approximately 600 doctors to outline their stance on the HPV vaccine, I was pleased to find  the study discovered that a large percentage of paediatricians and family doctors, approximately one third of those surveyed, did not strongly recommend the HPV vaccine to parents and preteens. It would have been great if the study went into the reasons they don’t support this vaccine, as many doctors severely lack knowledge about vaccines, the bioaccumulation of their ingredients, etc. They’re often only able to explain how vaccines work, but then their knowledge regarding vaccines doesn’t extend beyond that, unfortunately. A study published in the journal EbioMedicine provides deeper insight into this, stating how, “over the past two decades several vaccine controversies have emerged in various countries… including adverse effects and eroding confidence in health authorities, experts, and science.” The study points out that, for these reasons, vaccine hesitancy has been observed in the general population and continues to increase.

These are all important things to discuss, and it’s important to note that vaccine hesitancy is now being observed because of science. This is an important point because, as we move through 2019, “anti-vaccination” proponents have been classified as one of the biggest health threats according to the World Health Organization (WHO). If questioning vaccine safety and having a discussion about it is a threat, something is very wrong here. When one side makes the other feel stupid, or even forbids one from questioning something, that is far from science.

An Example

Like I said, there are many concerns regarding vaccines, including their ingredients. Heavy metal adjuvants have been added to vaccines for more than 100 years without any safety testing at all. They’ve simply been presumed safe.

“Despite their long use as active agents of medicines and fungicides, the safety levels of these substances have never been determined, either for animals or for adult humans—much less for fetuses, newborns, infants, and children.”  – Jose G. Dorea, Professor at the University of Brasilia’s department of nutritional sciences. (source)

A 2012 study published in BioMed Central outlined this point quite clearly when it found that “Intramuscular injection of alum-containing vaccine was associated with the appearance of aluminum deposits in distant organs, such as spleen and brain where they were still detected one year after injection. Both fluorescent materials injected into muscle translocated to draining lymph nodes (DLNs) and thereafter were detected associated with phagocytes in blood and spleen.”

Then, in 2015, a study published in Frontiers of Neurology explained why this biopersistence — demonstrated by its “capacity to migrate in lymphoid organs and then disseminate throughout the body within monocyte-lineage cells and progressively accumulate in the brain” — is so troublesome.  It also pointed out that, “in spite of their long usage, the literature has pointed out that the adjuvanticity mechanisms of aluminum salts remain basically unknown despite most active investigation in the field in recent years.” This is also true for other vaccine ingredients like MSG, mercury, aborted human fetal cells, animal DNA, etc.

Fast forward to today, and we now know that injected aluminum doesn’t come under the same methods of excretion as aluminum taken in from eating food, for example. We know it gets carried by macrophages (white blood cells) and deposited into distant organs and the brain. After this, scientists actually decided to open up the brain of multiple autistic people and discovered the highest brain aluminum content ever found inside of brain tissue. You an read more about that and access those studies here.

As you can see, this is simply aluminum, and represents one of many reasons why more people are becoming hesitant to give their children heavily marketed vaccines. It’s plausible to believe that they are not as safe as they are advertised to be.

Why is this conversation trying to be shut down by health authorities? What is going on here?

Behavioral abnormalities in female mice following administration of aluminum adjuvants and the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil have also been observed.

“Vaccine adjuvants and vaccines may induce autoimmune and inflammatory manifestations in susceptible individuals. To date most human vaccine trials utilize aluminum (Al) adjuvants as placebos despite much evidence showing that Al in vaccine-relevant exposures can be toxic to humans and animals…It appears that Gardasil via its Al adjuvant and HPV antigens has the ability to trigger neuroinflammation and autoimmune reactions, further leading to behavioral changes…In light of these findings, this study highlights the necessity of proceeding with caution with respect to further mass-immunization practices with a vaccine of yet unproven long-term clinical benefit in cervical cancer prevention.” (source)

Another study published in Clinical Rheumatology exposes how vaccine manufacturers used phoney placebos in clinical trials to conceal a wide range of devastating risks associated with HPV vaccines. Instead of using genuine inert placebos and comparing health impacts over a number of years, as is required for most new drug approvals, Merck and GlaxoSmithKline spiked their placebos with a neurotoxic aluminum adjuvant and cut observation periods to a matter of months.

Researchers from Mexico’s National Institute of Cardiology pored over 28 studies published throughout January 2017—16 randomized trials and 12 post-marketing case series—pertaining to the three human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines currently on the market globally. In their July 2017 peer-reviewed report, the authors, Manuel Martínez-Lavin and Luis Amezcua-Guerra, uncovered evidence of numerous adverse events including life-threatening injuries, permanent disabilities, hospitalizations, and deaths reported after vaccination with GlaxoSmithKline’s bivalent Cervarix vaccine and Merck’s quadrivalent or nine-valent HPV vaccines (Gardasil and Gardasil 9).

Multiple peer-reviewed studies have connected aluminum exposures to a range of autoimmune and neurological disorders including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. A review in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition warned of dangerous accumulation of aluminum in the brain when, in the case of vaccinations, “protective gastrointestinal mechanisms are bypassed.” It’s time to go back to the drawing board on HPV vaccines and aluminum adjuvants. More importantly, the FDA needs to start enforcing the same rigorous pre-licensing safety testing for vaccines that has long been required for other drugs.

You can read more about that particular study here.

Does It Make Sense To Get The Vaccine? The Takeaway

Does it make sense to allow your child to get the HPV vaccine? Though there are many factors that go into making this important decision, I believe the risks outweigh the benefits.

There are approximately 130 strains of HPV, and only about 15 of them are known to be associated with cervical cancer. And the vaccine only provides protection against 4 specific strains. The vaccine also only provides approximately 5 years immunity, so you have to ask yourself: What are the odds your 12-14 year old teenager will get one of these strains in the 5 year immunity period that the vaccine provides?

Furthermore, 95 percent of HPV infections are removed from the body by the immune system, you don’t even have to detect it or treat it, the body will simply get rid of it all by itself. 1 percent of the remaining 5 percent, if not identified and removed, will develop into pre cancerous cells which will take approximately 5 years, and then a small percentage of this remaining 1 percent will progress into reversible cancer which is a process that will take approximately 15 to 30 years.

Even after that, if you’re asking, “Why risk it?” Well, if you read the information above and are aware of the risks of the ingredients like aluminum as well as the adverse reactions, you will see why, in my opinion, it’s not worth it.

It’s okay to question vaccine safety, and it’s okay to choose to not let your child be vaccinated with the HPV vaccine.

Dianne Harper, one of a select few specialists in OB/GYN (in the world) who helped design and carry out the Phase II and Phase III safety and effectiveness studies to get Gardasil approved has also been quite outspoken about the vaccine in the past:

“The benefit to public health is nothing, there is no reduction in cervical cancers, they are just postponed, unless the protection lasts for at least 15 years, and over 70% of all sexually active females of all ages are vaccinated.” “She also says that enough serious side effects have been reported after Gardasil use that the vaccine could prove riskier than the cervical cancer it purports to prevent. Cervical cancer is usually entirely curable when detected early through normal Pap screenings.” (source)

The Gardasil vaccine may actually be responsible for the rise in cervical cancer rates in multiple countries. You can read more about that and view the evidence for such claims here.

Two large-scale solar farms are set to make Warrington Borough Council the first local authority in the UK to produce all its own electricity from clean energy.

” Everything is in a process of investigation both in the United States and in Spain, as well as the rest of the world. The nations of the world are currently working together in the investigation of the UFO phenomenon. There is an international exchange of data.” – General Carlos Castro Cavero (1979). From “UFOs and the National Security State, Volume 2,″ written by Richard Dolan.

Although the quote above comes from 1976, it also applies to decades prior. Fast forward to today and we now have thousands upon thousands of declassified documents (even though millions are still classified every year by the United States) that prove there was and still is a  high level of interest in the UFO phenomenon from governments and military agencies worldwide. Documents indicate that these objects are tracked often on air/ground radar, sometimes simultaneously, as well as visually confirmed by the pilots scrambling to check them out. These objects perform maneuvers that defy our laws of physics and are clocked travelling at speeds no known aircraft on our planet can travel, at least some of them.

Their existence has now been confirmed within the mainstream, you can read more about the latest with regards to mainstream UFO disclosure here.

Here is a great example of a declassified document detailing what happens when the military has an encounter with a UFO.

“As the F-4 approached a range of 25 nautical miles it lost all instrumentation and communications. When the F-4 turned away from the object and apparently was no longer a threat to it, the aircraft regained all instrumentation and communications. Another brightly lighted object came out of the original object. The second object headed straight toward the F4.” (source)

To compliment these documents, we also have hundreds of statements from high ranking officials from around the world, like this one:

“There is a serious possibility that we are being visited and have been visited for many years by people from outer space, by other civilizations. Who they are, where they are from, and what they want should be the subject of rigorous scientific investigation and not be the subject of ‘rubishing’ by tabloid newspapers.” (source) – Lord Admiral Hill-Norton, Former Chief of Defence Staff, 5 Star Admiral of the Royal Navy, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee

Here you will find a video of an air force pilot sharing his particular experience.

“Decades ago, visitors from other planets warned us about where we were headed and offered to help. But instead, we, or at least some of us, interpreted their visits as a threat, and decided to shoot first and ask questions after.”

The quote above comes from Paul Hellyer, former Canadian defence minister. (source)

What Happened In 1942? 

During the Second World War, UFO reports soared, especially after the atomic bomb was dropped. This is interesting given the fact that a number of the declassified documents indicate UFO incursions at several different military nuclear missile facilities around the globe. Perhaps the best and most well known example comes from 1967 at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. The base controls a giant network of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), where a number of highly trained military personnel witnessed a red, glowing UFO hovering outside the gate. At that time, all of the ICBMs shut down including the back-up generators. Just to be clear, this doesn’t ever happen.  A conference was held seven years ago at the National Press Club discussing this issue, you can view that here.

Here is a Wikileaks cable that discusses an incident in Algeria where flying “machines” that “obscure” their shape were spotted near military installations.  There are too many examples to list here.

But prior to World War 2, the UFO issue was still prominent. We even have historical records and artwork of UFOs in antiquity that are well documented, you can find out more about that here.  This particular article will focus on what happened above Los Angeles in 1942.

The picture you see above is of an object that hovered over Los Angeles in the early morning hours of February 25th, 1942. The small white dots around the object are artillery bursts.  This incident happened only three months after Pearl Harbour. At the time, there was a lot of attention placed on the US and the US was on high alert.

Here are the facts:

  • Several radars detected an object about 120 miles west of Los Angeles
  • Within minutes, anti-aircraft batteries went on high alert
  • At approximately 2:20 am, the object was tracked on radar to within a few miles of the coast and a city blackout was ordered
  • Shortly after 3:00 am, the object appeared right over the city and anti-aircraft batteries opened fire
  • Approximately 1500 rounds were fired into the sky, not over the ocean but directly over the city
  • Three citizens died from the shelling and three more from heart attacks attributed to the shelling
  • A great deal of property damage was inflicted
  • Dr. Bruce Maccabee, an expert in photographic analysis, believed the objects to be roughly 100 feet or more in diameter
  • The event was witnessed by approximately 1 million people
Hearing from 1 of the million who saw this object

Below is some witness testimony from the event, his name was  Scott Littleton, a Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus, Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA

“The two of us stood side by side in front of the house, huddling together in the chill night air and staring up into the sky. The planes we’d heard were not in sight, but what captured our rapt attention was a silvery, lozenge-shaped “bug,” as my mother later described it, that was clearly visible in the searchlight beams that pinpointed it. Although it was a clear, moonlit night, no other details could be discerned, despite the fact that, when we first saw it, the object was hanging motionless almost directly overhead. Its altitude is hard to estimate, especially after all these years, but I’d guess that it was somewhere between 4,000 and 8,000 feet. This may explain why we didn’t see the orange glow reported by several eyewitnesses in Santa Monica and Culver City, where the object was apparently much lower. (One witness suggests that this glow may simply have been the reflection of shell bursts against the object’s “silvery” body.)”

The official explanation for the event ranged from “nothing happened” to “balloons,” but all those who’ve studied this phenomenon in depth know that it’s been wrapped in secrecy for a very long time and the lid is just beginning to blow. The only problem is, all of the witnesses described something very different from the official explanation.

“Behind the scenes, high ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense.” Former head of CIA, Roscoe Hillenkoetter, 1960 (source)

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened, in 1997 people in Arizona witnessed something truly spectacular. As UFO researcher Richard Dolan describes it:

“People in Phoenix were treated to an amazing display of hovering lights over the city. These lights appeared to be motionless and in perfect formation. They were truly an astounding sight to behold: an enormous semi-circular string of lights in the night sky.” (source)

The event received massive amounts of media attention.

Fife Symington, the Governor of Arizona at the time, even held a press conference that featured a large and costumed alien mocking all of the UFO enthusiasts, but it seemed goodhearted in nature and, according to him, was done to lighten the mood.

What is interesting to note, however, is that Fife was keeping something to himself – he actually witnessed the event, and the former Air Force veteran spoke out years after the event (when his stint as governor ended) saying:

“If you had been here 10 years ago, standing out here and looking out there at the lights, you would have been astounded, you would have been amazed. I suspect that unless the Department of Defense can prove otherwise, then it was probably some form of alien spacecraft. It was enormous and it just felt otherworldly, in your gut you could just tell it was otherworldly.” (source)

You can read more about that story here.

Source used:

UFOs For The 21st Century Mind

This week JinkoSolar held an opening ceremony at its new manufacturing facility in Jacksonville, Florida. The facility made headlines when it was announced due to the fact that the Chinese company decided to set up manufacturing in the U.S. in response to solar tariffs that are put on solar cells and modules imported from China. To date, Jinko is the only Chinese-owned solar manufacturer to set up a facility in the U.S.

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer
Waking Times

We tend to look at death as the end of a life, but surely there’s more to the story than that. And while we know that people have very similar stories to tell after a near-death experience, often speaking of a tunnel of light and then being returned to the mortal world, we rarely consider what happens to our dreams as we approach the end.

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For years, Dr. Christpher Kerr and his team at Hospice Buffalo in New York State have been documenting and studying the dreams of patients as they approach death. Dr. Kerr’s shows something fascinating and inspiring about the last stage of life: the people we love who’ve already died are there on the other side waiting for us. It’s as if those friends, family members and loved ones who’ve already left this world are just beyond the veil waiting for us, communicating in dreams.

I was laying in bed and people were walking very slowly by me. The right-hand side I didn’t know, but they were all very friendly and they touched my arm and my hand as they went by. But the other side were people that I knew — my mom and dad were there, my uncle. Everybody I knew that was dead was there. The only thing was, my husband wasn’t there, nor was my dog, and I knew that I would be seeing them. — Jeanne Faber, 75, months before her death from ovarian cancer [Source]


In the days and weeks before death, people tend to have more frequent and more vivid visions and dreams involving welcoming encounters with these loved ones. The result is that fear of death begins to shift into a peaceful interest in what is come, and they begin to feel encouraged on their journey.

“The dreams and visions loosely sorted into categories: opportunities to engage with the deceased; loved ones “waiting;” unfinished business. Themes of love, given or withheld, coursed through the dreams, as did the need for resolution and even forgiveness. In their dreams, patients were reassured that they had been good parents, children and workers. They packed boxes, preparing for journeys, and, like Mr. Majors, often traveled with dear companions as guides. Although many patients said they rarely remembered their dreams, these they could not forget.” [Source]

Furthermore, for children who are dying and haven’t lived long enough to lose a friend or relative, the dreams will often feature a deceased pet who appears to encourage them on in their journey toward death. Many people report such positive experiences in these types of dreams that they want to go back and are eager to connect to that other reality again.

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Doctor Kerr was recently featured in a short news segment discussing the his work.

Here’s doctor Kerr in a 2015 TED talk, where he shares a great deal of insight about the meaning of death and how we can overcome the fear of dying.

The fear of death is the greatest fear humans have, but if we look closely at what happens when someone dies, death begins to look like a natural transition into a place of great comfort and peace.

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About the Author

Vic Bishop is a staff writer for WakingTimes.com. He is an observer of people, animals, nature, and he loves to ponder the connection and relationship between them all. A believer in always striving to becoming self-sufficient and free from the matrix, please track him down on Facebook.

This article (They’re Waiting For Us On the Other Side – Doctor Studies 14,000 Dreams of Dying People) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Vic Bishop and WakingTimes.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio and internal links. 

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Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer
Waking Times

The level of hysteria surrounding measles is rising fast, although there has only been 159 cases in North America this season. People are freaking out and blaming the unvaccinated for this ‘outbreak.’ Vaccine advocates are demanding that anti-vaccine voices are scrubbed from public view. Facebook is working to ban all informed vaccine content from the site. Lawmakers are proposing a flurry of legislation aimed at severely punishing families that prefer not to vaccinate, even looking to remove vaccine exemptions at the federal level.

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Measles is a terrible disease, and no child should have to suffer, and while generations before us survived the disease, we have entered an era where the individual is pressed more and more to conform in every way to the demands of the hive. But is all the hype and panic aimed at the anti-vaccine community really justified? Are unvaccinated kids really the problem?

A government study actually belies this narrative, pointing out that the measles is actually transmitted by the vaccinated. Sayer Ji from Green Med Info discussed this in detail in a 2016 article:

Last year, a groundbreaking study published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, whose authorship includes scientists working for the Bureau of Immunization, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta, GA, looked at evidence from the 2011 New York measles outbreak that individuals with prior evidence of measles vaccination and vaccine immunity were both capable of being infected with measles and infecting others with it (secondary transmission).


This finding even aroused the attention of mainstream news reporting, such as this Sciencemag.org article from April 2014 titled “Measles Outbreak Traced to Fully Vaccinated Patient for First Time.”


Titled, “Outbreak of Measles Among Persons With Prior Evidence of Immunity, New York City, 2011,” the groundbreaking study acknowledged that, “Measles may occur in vaccinated individuals, but secondary transmission from such individuals has not been documented.”


In order to find out if measles vaccine compliant individuals are capable of being infected andtransmitting the infection to others, they evaluated suspected cases and contacts exposed during a 2011 measles outbreak in NYC. They focused on one patient who had received two doses of measles-containing vaccine and found that,


“Of 88 contacts, four secondary cases were confirmed that had either two doses of measles-containing vaccine or a past positive measles IgG antibody. All cases had laboratory confirmation of measles infection, clinical symptoms consistent with measles, and high avidity IgG antibody characteristic of a secondary immune response.”


Their remarkable conclusion:


“This is the first report of measles transmission from a twice vaccinated individual. The clinical presentation and laboratory data of the index were typical of measles in a naïve individual. Secondary cases had robust anamnestic antibody responses. No tertiary cases occurred despite numerous contacts. This outbreak underscores the need for thorough epidemiologic and laboratory investigation of suspected measles cases regardless of vaccination status.”Did you follow that? A twice-vaccinated individual, from a NYC measles outbreak, was found to have transmitted measles to four of her contacts, two of which themselves had received two doses of MMR vaccine and had prior presumably protective measles IgG antibody results.


This phenomenon — the MMR vaccine compliant infecting other MMR vaccine compliant cases – has been ignored by health agencies and the media. This data corroborates the possibility that, during the Disney measles outbreak the previously vaccinated (any of the 18% known to have become infected) may have become infected or already were shedding measles from a vaccine and transmitted measles to both the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated.” [Source]

Final Thoughts

There seems to be a massive disconnect between the demand to forcefully vaccinate children without their parents’ consent and actually caring about what happens to children. As Matt Agorist of The Free Thought Project recently reported, there are literally thousands of children within the United States who are being used, bought and sold as sex slaves. Do vaccine advocates care?

We are also in the middle of autism epidemic, and already 1 in 37 boys in America is diagnosed with this life-changing condition. And while the vaccine industry will not capitulate and admit any fault whatsoever, vaccines are highly suspect in this major public health crisis. And now the pro-vaxxers want everyone who acknowledges this glaring fact to just shut up and do what they are told.

As noted by Sayer Ji:

The moral of the story is that you can’t blame non-vaccinating parents for the morbidity and mortality of infectious diseases when vaccination does not result in immunity and does not keep those who are vaccinated from infecting others.

Read more articles by Alex Pietrowski.

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About the Author

Alex Pietrowski is an artist and writer concerned with preserving good health and the basic freedom to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. He is a staff writer for WakingTimes.com. Alex is an avid student of Yoga and life.

This article (Government Research Confirms Measles Outbreaks are Transmitted by the Vaccinatedoriginally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Alex Pietrowski and WakingTimes.com

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Pennsylvania is promoting a new roadmap to electrify transportation by designing policies and setting targets to get more electric vehicles on the roads.
Pennsylvania is promoting a new roadmap to electrify transportation by designing policies and setting targets to get more electric vehicles on the roads.
Pennsylvania is promoting a new roadmap to electrify transportation by designing policies and setting targets to get more electric vehicles on the roads.

Gary Z McGee, Staff Writer
Waking Times

“Your goodness must have some edge to it—else it is none.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

1.) Put less energy into fixing breaks and more energy into breaking fixes

“There is no riskier risk than refusing to risk at all.” ~Jen Sincero

This one’s tricky. I’m not saying don’t heal. I’m not saying don’t lick your wounds. I’m saying make it priority two or three, not one. Otherwise, you’ll end up losing yourself in a tiny comfort zone.

The only way your comfort zone gets bigger is by taking risks. Breaking your fixes is calculated risk taking. Whether your fix is an addiction, an outdated belief, a cultural conditioning, or a political/religious indoctrination, when you focus more on breaking fixes, you are being proactive about getting the horse of your life in front of the cart of your unreasonable (and often unfounded) expectations.

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Look at it like a cycle of health and self-improvement. Break your fix, let the risky adventure break you (hero’s journey), fix your breaks, then get back to breaking your fixes. In order to achieve wise and holistic interdependence (cosmic heroism) you’ll need courageous and risky independence (personal heroism) to break yourself away from the comfortable but stagnant codependence (fear).

2.) Embarrass yourself as quickly as possible

“Passion is the result of action, not the cause of it.” ~Mark Manson

Before you can get better at something you have to suck at it first. Forget about talent. Forget about luck. Talent and luck pale in comparison to perseverance. Sure, they might help you get better faster, but they are out of your hands. So it’s better not to even waste your energy on them in the first place. Focus on what you can control, and that’s self-improvement.

Self-improvement takes practice. And practice means action. It might even mean looking like a fool. So be it. Embarrass yourself. Make mistakes as soon as you can. Free yourself to write, paint, produce, sculpt or play the worst thing ever created. Don’t fear failure. Embrace it. Own it. Learn from it. Then recreate from the vital knowledge gleaned from your plethora of mistakes.

If you avoid failure, embarrassment and fear, then you will never create anything meaningful. So go all in. Fail fast. Embarrass yourself as quickly as possible. Make glorious mistakes. Samuel Beckett said it best: “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”

3.) Use philosophy as a chisel for the hardened beliefs within you

“Philosophical thinking that doesn’t do violence to one’s settled mind is no philosophical thinking at all.” ~Rebecca Goldstein

Philosophy helps you discover that everything is connected despite what you’ve been taught.

Questioning what you think you know diminishes the broadcast of the codependent ego so that you can tune into the broadcast of the interdependent whole.

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If wisdom is what you’re seeking, then the interdependent whole is a good place to start. If your goal is to get out of the rat race, to transcend the stagnant status quo and to overcome the default setting, then questioning what you’ve been taught is a good first step.

Rather than importing wholesale whatever framework for life the codependent status quo programmed and conditioned you to accept, use philosophy (the art of questioning all things) to discover how everything is connected to everything else.

Using philosophy as a chisel is self-actualizing. It deconstructs meaning. It interrogates worldviews. It is proactively self-improving.

It teaches you how to be relentless in your questioning, how to be ruthless in your circumspection, and how to self-overcome so as not to be overwhelmed by the tribe. More importantly, it will help you discover your most authentic self by providing a flexible yet fierce way of being and becoming human in the world.

4.) You’ll reap no evolution if you don’t sow a little revolution

“The revolution begins at home. If you overthrow yourself again and again, you might earn the right to help overthrow the rest of us.” ~Rob Brezsny

Humans may not agree on much. But one thing most of us can agree on is that we all hope for a healthy and progressive evolution for our species.

The problem is that most of us live in profoundly sick societies. Societies that pollute the air they need to breathe, the water they need to drink, the food they need to eat, and the minds they need to co-evolve with.

Any system that forces its people to breathe polluted air, drink polluted water, eat polluted food and then reinforces its people (whether through brainwashing, political propaganda, or cultural conditioning) to continue doing all the things that causes that pollution is a profoundly sick society. As Krishnamurti wisely put it, “It’s no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

So what can you do about it? For starters, educate yourself. Honor the golden rule, the nonaggression principle, and the 7th generation principle. In the face of a profoundly sick society this might mean sowing a little revolution.

Next, if you’re really feeling courageous, dare yourself to become David against the Goliath of the state. Become Heracles against the Hydra of the war machine. Become a well-armed lamb contesting all votes. Become lionhearted despite all cowards.

But before any of that, you must check yourself. You must become free. Becoming free is the most revolutionary act you can take. You must be free in order to gain the courage necessary to create the kind of change that leads to a healthy and progressive evolution for our species.

5.) Your “love and light” could use a little tough love and darkness

“These mountains that you’re carrying, you were only supposed to climb.” ~Najwa Zebian

Happiness is overrated. “Good vibes only” is just plain lazy. Get out from underneath the burden of needing to be happy all the time. That’s too much weight to be carrying around. Take it easy on yourself.

Forcing yourself to be positive and happy all the time is just an ego trap set up by the scared-shitless part of you that doesn’t want to face the shitty parts of life. That’s blatant repression.

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Stop demonizing sadness. You cannot be happy all the time. Happiness, like sadness, is a passing storm across the sky of the Self. Some storms are refreshing and invigorating, like happiness. Some are painful and rough, like sadness. Both can be overwhelming. But both are merely information. They just happen to be information that you “feel.”

As far as information goes, pain and sadness will teach you more than comfort and happiness ever could. Use that information to make yourself healthier. Use it to create meaning. Happiness will become a convenient bi-product of your self-improvement. The best you can do is hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. And nothing prepares you for the worst better than the vital information gleaned from pain and sadness.

6.) Don’t allow your life to become overly domesticated:

“Society tames the wolf into a dog. And man is the most domesticated animal of them all.” ~Nietzsche

Get away from the zoo-mentality, the menagerie of madness. Let your mind out of its steel cage. Crucify any routine that kills your dreams. Nail it to a cross and fill your winecup with its blood. Play more. Dare more. Adventure more. Trust more. Love more. Domesticate less!

Problems arise from excess. Excessive culture. Excessive domestication. Excessive control. Excessive tidiness. Excessive pacification. When anything becomes excessive it smothers wildness. It smothers freedom. It smothers the soul.

Learn to be nourished by solitude rather than defeated by it. The wild is the greatest teacher in the world. Meditation in solitude is a sacred strategy that helps bring balance between nature and the human soul. Let the interconnected cosmos teach you the difference between healthy and unhealthy through a “language older than words (Derrick Jensen).”

So get out there. Get off your overly-domesticated ass. There’s nothing stopping you, but you. There’s an entire world to explore. There are wild places calling out to your heart. It’s a call to adventure. It’s a hero’s journey.

Life is too short not to feel your deepest darkest wildness howling inside you. I implore you: don’t just become another domesticated dog. Discover the wolf hidden inside you.

As Nietzsche profoundly stated, “Truth as Circe. Error has turned animals into men; might truth be capable of turning man into an animal again?”

7.) Kill your old self and bury the body in the back yard

“Unless you are constantly practicing it, this dying and being reborn, you are only a guest on this dark planet earth.” ~Goethe

The art of healthy ego-annihilation: question thyself, destroy thyself, rebirth thyself.

Why is all this killing and rebirthing necessary for self-improvement (or spiritual development)? You kill your codependent self so that your independent self can emerge with the courage to become an interdependent force of nature. In other words: your ability to adapt and overcome is directly proportional to your ability to self-overcome.

Sometimes the only way to discover that the “door to your jailcell has always been open” is to lose the mindset that conditioned you into thinking that you were trapped. The trapped mindset is also the fear-based mindset. It’s the indoctrinated mindset. In short: it’s your codependent self. Kill it, as soon as possible. Learn from it. Then “bury” it in your muscle memory (back yard).

Learn to do this again and again and it becomes a healthy cycle of self-overcoming that can lead to profound self-improvement and deep enlightenment. With enough practice, this questioning yourself, destroying yourself and rebirthing yourself will come as easily as your body sheds its skin.

8.) Love dangerously

“Healthy, strong individuals seek self-expansion by experimenting and by living dangerously. The good life is ever changing, challenging, devoid of regret, intense, creative and risky.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

What is loving dangerously?

Loving dangerously is loving without hope. It’s loving courageously, vulnerably, honestly. Which is likely to hurt. Therefore, loving dangerously is being open-hearted enough to be okay with having your heart broken. In fact, it’s about becoming adept at adapting to heart break. It’s about overcoming the slings and arrows of life and becoming resilient, robust, and antifragile because of heartbreak.

On a long enough timeline heartbreak is inevitable anyway. So, you might as well get better at adapting to it, at learning from it, at transforming it into something that can make you stronger. Taking risks, loving dangerously, loving vulnerably with your heart on your sleeve… That’s true courage.

Loving dangerously is loving without an agenda. It’s being a true hopeless romantic rather than just talking out your ass about it (like hopeful or hopefool romantics do). It’s allowing others to love the way they must love. It’s letting go of your ego’s attachment to love. It’s loving at the edge of the human condition: fallible, uncertain, hungry, in a frenzy.

Paraphrasing Samuel Becket: Ever loving. Ever broken hearted. No matter. Love again. Break your heart open again. Break it better… That’s loving dangerously.

Life is short. Love is risky. Courage is uncomfortable. But more of life comes from love laid open and bare than love closed-up and made invulnerable in vain. So, take the leap into the dangerous and vulnerable waters of love. There is adventure to be had. As Rumi suggested, “Let the lover be disgraceful, crazy, absentminded. Someone sober will worry about things going badly. Let the lover be.”

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About the Author

Gary ‘Z’ McGeea former Navy Intelligence Specialist turned philosopher, is the author of Birthday Suit of God and The Looking Glass Man. His works are inspired by the great philosophers of the ages and his wide awake view of the modern world.

This article (8 Pieces of “Bad” Life Advice that are Actually Good) was originally featured at The Mind Unleashed and is re-posted here with permission.

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The Trump administration imposed a tariff on steel imports last year to get companies to buy more American metal. In some ways, the duty has the U.S. solar business doing the exact opposite.

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Medical Medium’s new book, “Liver Rescue,” do yourself a favour today and get one. The book is a four-hundred page encyclopedia of in-depth knowledge regarding our liver, knowledge which has yet to be discovered by medical research, knowledge which could save you and your family’s and friends’ lives.

If you think that your liver is in pristine shape, you’re about to learn otherwise—in this day and age our livers are under tremendous pressure from the onslaught of pathogens and environmental toxins in our food, air, water, hygiene products, clothing, and households. And even if you grew up eating ‘clean,’ drinking clean water and living in a natural environment, your liver could be holding poisons (like toxic heavy metals) from many generations before you, passed down from your mother and grandmother.

What drove me to want to learn more about my liver came out of two factors. One, I grew up with a mouth full of amalgam (mercury) fillings, and two, in 2014 I had a severe mono and hepatitis A infection which nearly caused my liver to fail. So I knew that there was deep damage that had occurred from these two factors alone, not to mention that I grew up on a standard American diet (SAD) full of processed junk and void of fresh fruits and vegetables. Not to mention all of those years of binge drinking alcohol in my teens and early twenties (dare I say more).

Your liver is your number one protector

What I love most about Anthony William’s books is that they give us a unique understanding of the processes happening within the body. He humanizes our livers and helps us see how hard this organ is working for us at all times.

Our livers have been our number one protectors from the time we were in our mother’s wombs. That is its sole job—to protect us from the unfathomable amount of toxins in our environment. This protection code was passed down from your mother’s liver, to never give up on you, to take on the brunt of every pathogen, every toxin, and excess adrenaline that you come into contact with. It will do so with unwavering loyalty and commitment, even until its own demise. But we must not let this happen. At some point we must give back to this precious organ, we must swoop in and say enough is enough, it’s time to heal our livers.

Cleansing the liver cleans your blood and lymphatic system, loosens fat cells in the liver, and soothes the adrenal glands.

But cleansing the liver works best in baby steps; think about your lifetime accumulation of toxic heavy metals, viruses, and chemicals. To super-punch your liver all at once is a sure-fire way to cause too many toxins to release into the body without the chance of being properly eliminated. Then guess what happens to all of those excess toxins? They get reabsorbed by the liver.

But if we can learn to work with the liver, especially avoiding the damaging fads covered later in this article, we are that much closer to a life of peace. William says it perfectly,

“Imagine a world without chronic anger, without the suffering of babies and children, without aches and pains, without sleepless nights, without uncontrollable weight gain, without gnawing hunger, without out-of-rhythm hearts, without hot flashes and night sweats, without mood swings, without raging rashes, without roiling intestines, without back-up bowels, without blood sugar spikes and drops, without strokes, without heart attacks, without cancer. That’s a world of peaceful livers. Imagine how much kinder we would all be to each other and ourselves if we didn’t feel awful, or frightened of feeling awful, all the time.” Medical Medium: Liver Rescue, p. 256

How long does it take the liver to regenerate?

While there is no exact science that will tell us how long it takes for all of our cells to fully renew and regenerate, in the case of the liver, its peacekeeping job is so pertinent that it must run on a strict renewal clock. As William says, that number is nine.

The liver regenerates itself in cycles of three, a third every three years for a total nine year cycle.

The liver renews itself in thirds over nine year cycles. Usually, three months before a three-year mark is when renewal will pick up speed, and the liver will work on a fast, serious cell overhaul. Within just those few months, the liver can regenerate a third of its working cells. The same thing will happen again at the next three-year mark, renewing another third, and so on for the next three year cycle. It’s the same time table for everyone.

But don’t get too excited. Just because they are new cells does not mean they are clean. If you aren’t actively doing the work to cleanse the liver throughout your life, the new cells can get contaminated by toxic cells from the past. However, if you do the work to support your liver through a healthy lifestyle, you have hope of regenerating even the most damaged cells. As he states, make a point to eat clean in the months leading up to your 27th, 36th, 45th, 60th birthday; this means more antioxidant-rich foods like fruit and green juices, while minimizing fat. This will give a great boost during your regeneration cycles.

Common liver detox myths – What to avoid Ox bile

While taking ox bile seems like a fail-proof method to increase bile production to breakdown fats, William states that our livers simply don’t like it. “[Ox bile] doesn’t fix the problem of weak digestion. It doesn’t fix the problem of your liver being stagnant or sluggish or underproducing its own bile.”

Apparently, ox bile is like an alien creature to our liver, and that it contains hundreds of undiscovered chemical compounds that are foreign to our stomach. These foreign enzymes are disruptive to the endocrine system, immune system, and nervous system. He says that medical science will never have the money or time to invest in the proper research that is needed to discover all of these qualities. When we take ox bile its like a shock to an already over-burdened liver.

The logic behind eating ox bile is similar to the age-old logic that eating liver will help regenerate your liver, or eating kidney will help regenerate your kidneys. Instead of ox bile, William suggests drinking celery juice. The mineral salts in celery juice will provide the liver with the proper tools to help build bile levels naturally.

Eating liver

When we understand the true function of our livers, it is then easy to understand why eating an animal’s liver makes no sense. The liver is a toxic reservoir, which means consuming liver is consuming poison. Even wild animals living in a pristine environment have livers ridden with adrenaline due to their fight or flight lifestyle. And while the liver does hold nutrients deep within its tissues, to get there you must pass layers of toxic waste. On the same note as the ox bile, animal livers contain compounds incompatible to the human body. And don’t even think about human livers, they are cesspools of toxins like plastics, radiation, DDT, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, and the list goes on.

Liver flushes

The liver does not respond well to rigorous cleansing. If you push, it pushes back. If you push more it performs less, and it may even go into shutdown mode while doing a more aggressive cleanse.

When a liver flush is done wrong against the liver’s will, the bloodstream is where those toxins end up. This puts the brain and heart under direct attack by toxic sludge, which can cause erratic heartbeats, stress on the heart, inflammation, elevated adrenaline, and electrical confusion of the heart, all while you are busy looking for stones in the toilet.

William makes another controversial claim—those liver stones aren’t stones at all. They’re fatty globules formed by the ingestion of olive oil which coagulate in the colon and are then expelled. While Gallstones are a thing, they too are not what is passed during a gallbladder flush.  Drinking a heaping amount of oil is a shock to the liver and gallbladder; it shuts down its many important functions to deal with the megadose of fat. The liver is then forced to produce an emergency level of bile to protect the pancreas, and those who already have a weak pancreas become high risk for developing pancreatitis.

Instead of stressing the liver and gallbladder through a flush, William suggests reducing fat and protein intake while increasing your intake of greens (spinach, kale, radishes, mustard greens, celery, and asparagus) and fruits like cherries, berries, melons, lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, tomatoes, and pineapple. Doing this will help dissolve the stones over time.

Fructose intolerance

Fructose intolerance is perhaps one of the most dangerous myths out there, because if you avoid fruit sugars, your liver will never heal, says William. Fructose often gets lumped in with lactose (dairy sugar) and gluten in naming which foods feed viruses and other pathogens.

Furthermore, William says that “it’s impossible for any test in any lab or clinic to separate out fructose and know what it specifically does inside the body.” It is part of the anti-healthy carb/anti-fruit movement that robs people of the very foods that heal their chronic conditions. The liver especially needs fructose to restore and defend itself. The issue is completely misunderstood—when people experience negative symptoms from eating fruit what they’re really facing are detox symptoms brought on by the fruits cleansing properties.

Anti-fruit practitioners almost always are high-fat advocates, which only promotes keeping the blood and liver toxic. William also makes a distinction for those diagnosed with hereditary fructose intolerance (HFI). He says that no one with HFI is completely missing specific enzymes, but rather all of their enzyme levels and chemical functions are low due to having a degenerate liver.

The key is to do the opposite of avoiding fruit: eat lots of it, which restores a stagnant liver and brings back all of the missing enzymes and chemical functions. The same goes for people diagnosed with fructose malabsorption; excess fructose is being picked up in the blood because the intestinal tract is filled with rancid fats which are not being broken down due to a sluggish liver. The solution is simple: reduce fats, which in turn keeps the blood-fat ratio balanced, reducing any of the aforementioned symptoms when consuming fructose.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV)

ACV is thought to create alkalinity and improve digestion. While apples themselves are miracle cures, William says that ACV has more bad than good properties. The good comes from ACV’s host of minerals, amino acids, phytochemicals and other nutrients from the apples themselves and the microorganisms from fermentation.

ACV is the best vinegar to use if you are going to use vinegar; however, our livers do not like vinegar in the same way they despise alcohol. When we consume vinegar, it mixes with the natural salts in your blood stream and creates a pickling effect in the body. While this may not cause negative symptoms from eating a salad here and there, consuming ACV daily in flushes or shots will eventually add up.

ACV comes into the stomach extremely acidic, which causes the liver to try to alkalize or neutralize it. This weakens the hydrochloric acid and breaks down the gastric juices, and as the ACV continues to the liver it gives the liver a shot of acidosis. Again, it’s not the worst thing for the liver, but it’s far from cleansing.

Coffee enemas

Coffee enemas are gaining popularity in the treatment of chronic diseases like colon cancer, and while the aim of coffee enemas are admirable (detoxing the liver), the truth is that coffee is an acidic, dehydrating, and stimulating liquid.

As Anthony explains, drinking coffee is much different than inserting it rectally. This is because our stomachs have built-in protective measures to safe-guard you against coffee’s effects. When coffee enters the stomach, alarm bells ring in the pancreas, liver, and intestinal tract. It is dispersed and diffused properly by the time it enters the bloodstream.

When coffee enters the rectum, it enters the blood directly and its stimulating effect shocks the nervous system and the adrenals release adrenaline. The liver despises adrenaline, claims Anthony, and it then has to soak it all up to protect your heart. Caffeine creates a constant adrenaline surge, but this is especially the case when caffeine is administered through the rectum.

Also important to note: some of the toxins purged from the liver by the caffeine end up being reabsorbed by the liver because they cannot all be properly eliminated from the body. Anthony suggests that enemas can be extremely beneficial in detoxing the liver, but to use filtered lemon water instead, which cleanses the liver without the added adrenaline rush.


Beets are often hailed as the liver detox go-to food, and while they do have blood-cleansing abilities, the issue, William says, is that organic, non-GMO beets are difficult to come by these days due to cross-pollination. Cross-pollination is becoming such an issue that even organic beets can be tainted at the seed.

It may not be the greatest reason to stop eating beets altogether, however there are many other liver-cleansing fruit that do the job much more effectively. For example, red pitaya (dragon fruit), or wild blueberries pack a far more powerful detoxing punch.

Highly alkaline water

When asking the question, ‘do we need to drink alkaline water?’, Anthony brings it back to the liver. He says that a higher pH water will not further cleanse the liver, and that when highly alkaline water hits the stomach, the stomach must compensate and try to bring that pH down. The same goes for drinking acidic water, but in this case the stomach must bring the pH up. This uses the stomach’s reserves, energy, and seven-acid blend, as well as pancreatic strength and enzymes, to change the water’s structure so that it is safe to release into the intestinal tract.

When a large amount of alkaline or acidic water is consumed at once, the stomach must pass the neutralization job to the liver. The liver uses a special bile store that traps the water until it is at an acceptable pH. This special bile is made up of enzymes, minerals, and hormones that the liver stores long-term, and using this store slows down the liver’s main functions quite substantially. William states that the key is to avoid drinking large amounts of alkaline water at once, or to try drinking a water with a pH of 7.5-8 instead.

Protect your liver

With over 2,000 chemical functions, your liver is a busy bee. Avoiding the aforementioned fads will ensure that your liver can do its many important jobs without distraction. At the end of the day, what is most important for healing your liver is that you are flooding your body with nutrient-dense, anti-oxidant rich foods like fruit, vegetables, and herbs, while avoiding too many fats (processed or raw). It is especially important to eat fruit alone, as eating fruit with fat will prevent our cells from absorbing all of the important nutrients.

For much more information regarding the liver, get yourself a copy of Liver Rescue today!

In order to understand the significance of the meeting in Vietnam between Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, it will be helpful to get a general idea about the mainstream characterization of the situation before we try to speculate about what is really going on behind the scenes, or what the potential outcome may be of this historic reversal of tensions within the region.

The basic ‘story’ that the social engineers behind mainstream media have been running with for a number of decades is that ever since the armistice between North and South Korea, North Korea has operated as a ‘rogue’ state. As an insular communist nation shrouded in secrecy, North Korea has long been a failed, impoverished, backwards state run by an unelected family line of dictators who have all been accused of human rights abuses, beginning with Kim Il-sung (1948-1994), then his son Kim Jong-il (1994-2011) and finally succeeded by the latter’s son Kim Jung-un (2011-present).

This is not to say that there isn’t truth in much of this. It more so is a commentary that external powers seem to have wanted things to continue this way all along. Note, for instance, that an attempt to establish a peace treaty a year after the armistice was signed was blocked by the U.S. Secretary of State:

During the 1954 Geneva Conference in Switzerland, Chinese Premier and foreign minister Zhou Enlai suggested that a peace treaty should be implemented on the Korean peninsula. However, the US secretary of state, John Foster Dulles, did not accommodate this attempt to achieve such a treaty. A final peace settlement has never been achieved.

The signed Armistice established the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), the de facto new border between the two nations, put into force a cease-fire, and finalized repatriation of prisoners of war. The DMZ runs close to the 38th parallel and has separated North and South Korea since the Korean Armistice Agreement was signed in 1953. South Korea never signed the Armistice Agreement due to President Syngman Rhee’s refusal to accept the division of Korea. (source)

Perhaps, even back then, the division of North and South Korea was seen as something that the power brokers in the U.S. felt they could use to their advantage.

The Stage Is Set

Donald Trump’s approach to North Korea since he became President has been an interesting carrot-and-stick show. He has referred to Kim as ‘rocket man’ in the past, and said this about the size of Kim’s Nuclear Button:

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the “Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.” Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 3, 2018

It should be familiar to all of us by now that this is all part of Trump’s deal-making persona. His attacks can be extreme and often laughable, but it’s part of his strategy to cast his serious deal-making in a positive light, where his proposals are seen as win-win. And certainly one cannot argue against the fact that Trump has somehow gotten beyond the slinging of insults to become the only President since the end of the Korean War to sit down with the North Korean leader for a cordial geopolitical discussion.

The background narrative that preceded these talks is simple. Rogue state North Korea has nuclear weapons. They have been continuing to develop long-range missiles with the hope of being able to deliver these missiles to the United States. North Korea’s leader is unpredictable, temperamental, and may attempt to use military force when he feels he has been provoked. So other countries in the region are ‘worried’ and need the protection of the Unites States, which serves to justify a permanent U.S. military presence in South Korea. (Has anyone ever explained to you how U.S. troops on the ground in South Korea actually help to prevent a nuclear attack on South Korea? Me neither.)

As explained in the video below (full video here), expectations for the meeting are not so high, and any small progress will be seen as a win for both countries:

This article in the Atlantic stakes out the mainstream media position on the meeting:

That’s what Trump’s meeting with Kim in Vietnam, on February 27–28, amounts to. At best, the two leaders will achieve a breakthrough on peace and denuclearization that has eluded their predecessors for decades. At worst, the United States will reward North Korea without reducing the danger it poses. Somewhere in the middle would be a repeat of the leaders’ first summit in Singapore last June: a spectacle with little of substance to show for it.

Note that MM is preparing to characterize the summit as ‘a spectacle with little substance,’ in an attempt to show that Trump is just grandstanding. But if it actually involves ‘rewards’ for North Korea (i.e. the removal of U. S. troops from South Korea) it will be characterized as an abject failure on the part of Donald Trump who is not fit to serve the geopolitical interests of the United States and its allies. Whatever guarantees Trump offers that North Korea has agreed to denuclearize will be met with skepticism founded in their mistrust of Kim. So, yet again, MM is poised to criticize Trump no matter what the outcome is.

What’s Going On Backstage

Even in the mainstream, events such as these are being seen as ‘political theatre.’ In the video above, the commentator mentions that ‘both sides only need to see a limited amount of progress to actually have it be seen as a win, right, I mean, they’re playing to the international community, but they’re also playing to their domestic audiences as well.’ And so it is well established that these public meetings are the show, put out there for perception-building, and the real and actual work and progress is hammered out among the power players in a backstage room that we are not yet privy to.

Here’s the difference with what seems to be happening now: Donald Trump and those allied behind him seem to have wrested enough power away from the Deep State that they are taking over as the prime perception-builders in the world of geopolitics. Other players like National Security Advisor John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who some suspect of affiliation with the Deep State, have much more muted voices in the discussion. It is this newfound power vested in Trump that is really what has made these talks possible, and is really what is allowing Kim Jong-un to shed his image as stern and crazy communist bad-boy and begin to be perceived as an intelligent, capable and affable world leader.

The Deep State would never want this kind of summit to happen, just as they wanted continued conflict in Syria, a war with Iran, and whatever other smokescreens they could put up to continue their plans for global rule. In particular, North Korea could be counted on to serve as a scare tactic, a distraction, and one of many justifications for global Western Military Hegemony. Peace in the Korean peninsula would serve a devastating blow to those tactics.

Q Believes This Is The Real Deal

A Q drop from yesterday shows that they are optimistic that these meetings are for a lot more than the leaders gaining some popularity from their international and domestic audiences. There is a sense that signs of peace, not only in the Korean peninsula but other hotspots such as Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen, could foreshadow big and historic changes in the world that are imminent since the Deep State no longer has both hands on the scepter of power.

—— Q!!mG7VJxZNCI26 Feb 2019 – 6:49:44 PM Anonymous26 Feb 2019 – 6:41:14 PM Feeling like Anons in US will be up late tonight following POTUS/Q in Vietnam. >>5401939 It’s going to be HISTORIC! Planned long ago. [-21] Within the next 21 days BIG BIG BIG HAPPENINGS are going to take place. Q ——

Q’s note that this event was ‘planned long ago’ reinforces the idea that the alliance behind Trump has long hoped for the end of unnecessary wars and hostilities that were fundamentally the creation of the Deep State. It will be interesting to see if ‘BIG BIG BIG HAPPENINGS’ indeed take place over the next 21 days.

The Takeaway

The world manifests by virtue of our collective consciousness, so while players on the world stage like Donald Trump seem to be the ones making deals to change the world, we can also look at Trump’s actions as a manifestation of our growing hunger for peace. As we continue our inner work to let go of our own polarized and war-like attitudes and emotions, the world will continue to slowly evolve towards collective harmony and peace.

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer
Waking Times

With all of the discouraging news about global deforestation and the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, it’s good to know that people in many parts of the world are having great success at re-foresting planet earth.

In Bhutan, for example, when the nation was celebrating the birth of a new prince in 2016, people came together to plant 108,000 trees, which will become a new forest within a couple of decades. Ecuador set a world record in 2017 for planting a whopping 647,250 trees in a single day. Also in 2017, more than 1.5 million volunteers came together to plant 66 million trees in just 12 hours, setting another world record.

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Now, NASA is reporting that in the findings of a 20 year study of the earth, there are actually more trees today than there were two decades ago, thanks in large part to the efforts of countries and communities in India and China.

The findings are the result of 20 years of data collection from NASA instruments onboard two satellites orbiting earth.

“Taken all together, the greening of the planet over the last two decades represents an increase in leaf area on plants and trees equivalent to the area covered by all the Amazon rainforests. There are now more than two million square miles of extra green leaf area per year, compared to the early 2000s – a 5% increase.” [NASA]

A more detailed explanation from the study:

“Satellite data show increasing leaf area of vegetation due to direct factors (human land-use management) and indirect factors (such as climate change, CO2 fertilization, nitrogen deposition and recovery from natural disturbances). Among these, climate change and CO2fertilization effects seem to be the dominant drivers. However, recent satellite data (2000–2017) reveal a greening pattern that is strikingly prominent in China and India and overlaps with croplands world-wide. China alone accounts for 25% of the global net increase in leaf area with only 6.6% of global vegetated area. The greening in China is from forests (42%) and croplands (32%), but in India is mostly from croplands (82%) with minor contribution from forests (4.4%). “[Source]

Furthermore, the news serves as a positive counter to the trend of pollution and environmental degradation we see today in Asia:

“China and India account for one-third of the greening, but contain only 9% of the planet’s land area covered in vegetation – a surprising finding, considering the general notion of land degradation in populous countries from overexploitation.”  ~Chi Chen, Department of Earth and Environment at Boston University and lead author of the study

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The satellites have recorded photos of the earth every day for 20 years, creating a massive data set that is allowing researchers and biologists to better understand how to preserve the world’s forests.

“This long-term data lets us dig deeper,” said Rama Nemani, a research scientist at NASA’s Ames Research Center and a co-author of the new work. “When the greening of the Earth was first observed, we thought it was due to a warmer, wetter climate and fertilization from the added carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, leading to more leaf growth in northern forests, for instance. Now, with the MODIS data that lets us understand the phenomenon at really small scales, we see that humans are also contributing.”

Final Thoughts

The message is clear: if we come together we can easily remedy the ecological problems we have created here on earth. Let this good news serve as inspiration to participate in the re-greening of earth. It also demonstrates how humans can address serious problems once they become aware of what’s really going on.

“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.” ~Chinese Proverb

Read more articles by Vic Bishop.

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About the Author

Vic Bishop is a staff writer for WakingTimes.com. He is an observer of people, animals, nature, and he loves to ponder the connection and relationship between them all. A believer in always striving to becoming self-sufficient and free from the matrix, please track him down on Facebook.

This article (NASA Reports that the Earth is Greener Now than 20 Years Ago Thanks to Reforestation Efforts) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Vic Bishop and WakingTimes.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio and internal links. 

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Dr. Mercola, Guest
Waking Times

The struggle with weight gain and obesity is a common and costly health issue, leading to an increase in risk for heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and cancer, just to name a few.

According to the latest available data,1 18.5 percent of American children and nearly 40 percent of adults are now obese, not just overweight. That’s a significant increase over the 1999/2000 rates, when just under 14 percent of children and 30.5 percent of adults were obese.

Research has linked growing waistlines to a number of different sources, including processed foods, sodas and high-carbohydrate diets. Risks associated with belly fat in aging adults includes an elevated risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.2

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Researchers have actually predicted obesity will overtake smoking as a leading cause of cancer deaths,3 and recent statistics suggest we’re well on our way to seeing that prediction come true as obesity among our youth is triggering a steep rise in obesity-related cancers at ever-younger ages.

Millennials More Prone to Obesity-Related Cancers Than Their Parents

As obesity rates rise, so do related health problems, including cancer. According to a report4 on the global cancer burden, published in 2014, obesity is already responsible for an estimated 500,000 cancer cases worldwide each year, and that number is likely to rise further in coming decades.

As reported in a recent Lancet study5 by the American Cancer Society, rates of obesity-related cancers are rising at a far steeper rate among millennials than among baby boomers. According to the authors,6 this is the first study to systematically examine obesity-related cancer trends among young Americans.

What’s more, while 6 of 12 obesity-related cancers (endometrial, gallbladder, kidney, multiple myeloma and pancreatic cancer) are on the rise, only 2 of 18 cancers unrelated to obesity are increasing. As noted in the press release:7

“The obesity epidemic over the past 40 years has led to younger generations experiencing an earlier and longer lasting exposure to excess adiposity over their lifetime than previous generations.

Excess body weight is a known carcinogen, associated with more than a dozen cancers and suspected in several more … Investigators led by Hyuna Sung, Ph.D., analyzed 20 years of incidence data (1995-2014) for 30 cancers … covering 67 percent of the population of the U.S…

Incidence increased for 6 of the 12 obesity-related cancers … in young adults and in successively younger birth cohorts in a stepwise manner. For example, the risk of colorectal, uterine corpus [endometrial], pancreas and gallbladder cancers in millennials is about double the rate baby boomers had at the same age …

‘Although the absolute risk of these cancers is small in younger adults, these findings have important public health implications,’ said Ahmedin Jemal, D.V.M., Ph.D., scientific vice president of surveillance [and] health services research and senior/corresponding author of the paper.

‘Given the large increase in the prevalence of overweight and obesity among young people and increasing risks of obesity-related cancers in contemporary birth cohorts, the future burden of these cancers could worsen as younger cohorts age, potentially halting or reversing the progress achieved in reducing cancer mortality over the past several decades.

Cancer trends in young adults often serve as a sentinel for the future disease burden in older adults, among whom most cancer occurs.'”

Changes in Diet Drive Obesity Epidemic

Studies8,9,10 have repeatedly demonstrated that when people switch from a traditional whole food diet to processed foods (which are high in refined flour, processed sugar and harmful vegetable oils), disease inevitably follows.

Below are just a few telling statistics. For more, see nutrition researcher Kris Gunnars’, June 8, 2017, article, which lists 11 graphs showing “what’s wrong with the modern diet.”11

Over the past 200 years, sugar intake has risen from 2 pounds to 152 pounds per year.12 While Americans are advised to get only 10 percent of their calories from sugar,13 equating to about 13 teaspoons a day for a 2,000-calorie diet, the average intake is 42.5 teaspoons per day.14

It’s important to realize that a goal of 10 percent is nearly impossible to achieve on a processed food diet. Research15 shows only 7.5 percent of the U.S. population, namely those with the lowest processed food consumption, actually meet the U.S. dietary recommendations of getting a maximum of 10 percent of your daily calories from sugars. To burn off the calories in a single 12-ounce soda, you’d have to walk briskly for 35 minutes. To burn off a piece of apple pie, you’d be looking at a 75-minute walk.16 Soda and fruit juice consumption is particularly harmful, studies17,18 show, raising a child’s risk of obesity by 60 percent per daily serving.19 Research has also shown refined high-carb diets in general are as risky as smoking, increasing your risk for lung cancer by as much as 49 percent.20 Between 1970 and 2009, daily calorie intake rose by an average of 425 calories, a 20 percent increase, according to Stephan Guyenet, Ph.D.,21 who studies the neuroscience of obesity. This rise is largely driven by increased sugar and processed food consumption, and the routine advertising of junk food to children.22

To attract customers and compete with other restaurants, companies often add salt, sugar, fat and flavor chemicals to trigger your appetite. Unfortunately, it turns out additives and chemicals supplemented in processing kill off beneficial gut bacteria, which further exacerbates the problems created by a processed food diet.23

According to epidemiology professor Tim Spector, even eating a relatively small number of highly processed ingredients is toxic to your gut microbiome, which start to die off just days after a eating a fast food heavy diet, suggesting excess calories from fast food may not be the only factor to blame for rising weight. Processed vegetable oils, which are high in damaged omega-6 fats, are another important factor in chronic ill health. Aside from sugar, vegetable oils are a staple in processed foods, which is yet another reason why processed food diets are associated with higher rates of heart disease and other diseases.

Soybean oil, which is the most commonly consumed fat in the U.S.,24 has also been shown to play a significant role in obesity and diabetes, actually upregulating genes involved in obesity. Remarkably, soybean oil was found to be more obesogenic than fructose! “Ultraprocessed diets cause excess calorie intake and weight gain,” recent research25 concludes, showing that when people are allowed to eat as much as they want of either ultraprocessed foods or unprocessed food, their energy intake is far greater when eating processed fare. In just two weeks, participants gained between 0.3 and 0.8 kilos on the ultraprocessed diet, and lost 0.3 to 1.1 kilos when eating unprocessed food.

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As Ultraprocessed Food Has Become the Norm, so Has Chronic Illness

Unfortunately, Americans not only eat a preponderance of processed food, but 60 percent of it is ultraprocessed26 — products at the far end of the “significantly altered” spectrum, or what you could typically purchase at a gas station.

The developed world in general eats significant amounts of processed food, and disease statistics reveal the inherent folly of this trend. There’s really no doubt that decreasing your sugar consumption is at the top of the list if you’re overweight, insulin resistant, or struggle with any chronic disease.

It’s been estimated that as much as 40 percent of American health care expenditures are for diseases directly related to the overconsumption of sugar.27 In the U.S., more than $1 trillion is spent on treating sugar and junk food-related diseases each year.28

Any foods that aren’t whole foods directly from the vine, ground, bush or tree are considered processed. Depending on the amount of change the food undergoes, processing may be minimal or significant. For instance, frozen fruit is usually minimally processed, while pizza, soda, chips and microwave meals are ultraprocessed foods.

The difference in the amount of sugar between foods that are ultraprocessed and minimally processed is dramatic. Research29 has demonstrated that over 21 percent of calories in ultraprocessed foods comes from sugar, while unprocessed foods contain no refined or added sugar.

In a cross-sectional study30 using data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey of over 9,000 participants, researchers concluded that “Decreasing the consumption of ultraprocessed foods could be an effective way of reducing the excessive intake of added sugars in the USA.”

Definition of Ultraprocessed Food

As a general rule, ultraprocessed foods can be defined as food products containing one or more of the following:

Ingredients that are not traditionally used in cooking. Unnaturally high amounts of sugar, salt, processed industrial oils and unhealthy fats. Artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners and other additives that imitate sensorial qualities of unprocessed or minimally processed foods (examples include additives that create textures and pleasing mouth-feel). Processing aids such as carbonating, firming, bulking, antibulking, defoaming, anticaking, glazing agents, emulsifiers, sequestrants and humectants. Preservatives and chemicals that impart an unnaturally long shelf-life. Genetically engineered ingredients, which in addition to carrying potential health risks also tend to be heavily contaminated with toxic herbicides such as glyphosate, 2,4-D and dicamba.

As described in the NOVA classification of food processing,31 “A multitude of sequences of processes is used to combine the usually many ingredients and to create the final product (hence ‘ultraprocessed’).” Examples include hydrogenation, hydrolysation, extrusion, molding and preprocessing for frying.

Ultraprocessed foods also tend to be far more addictive than other foods, thanks to high amounts of sugar (which has been shown to be more addictive than cocaine32), salt and fat. The processed food industry has also developed “craveabilty” into an art form. Nothing is left to chance, and by making their foods addictive, manufacturers ensure repeat sales.

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Processed Food Diet Linked to Early Death

In related news, recent research33 involving more than 44,000 people followed for seven years warns that ultraprocessed foods raise your risk of early death. The French team looked at how much of each person’s diet was made up of ultraprocessed foods, and found that for each 10 percent increase in the amount of ultraprocessed food consumed, the risk of death rose by 14 percent.

This link remained even after taking confounding factors such as smoking, obesity and low educational background into account. As you’d expect, the primary factors driving the increased death rate was chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Nita Forouhi, a professor at the MRC Epidemiology Unit at the University of Cambridge, who was not part of the study, told The Guardian:34

“The case against highly processed foods is mounting up, with this study adding importantly to a growing body of evidence on the health harms of ultraprocessed foods … [W]e would ignore these findings at public health’s peril.

A vital takeaway message is that consumption of highly processed foods reflects social inequalities — they are consumed disproportionately more by individuals with lower incomes or education levels, or those living alone.

Such foods are attractive because they tend to be cheaper, are highly palatable due to high sugar, salt and saturated fat content, are widely available, highly marketed, ready to eat, and their use-by dates are lengthy, so they last longer. More needs to be done to address these inequalities.”

Ultraprocessed Foods Linked to Cancer

Another French study35,36 published last year also found that those who eat more ultraprocessed food have higher rates of obesity, heart problems, diabetes and cancer. Nearly 105,000 study participants, a majority of whom were middle-aged women, were followed for an average of five years.

On average, 18 percent of their diet was ultraprocessed, and the results showed that each 10 percent increase in ultraprocessed food raised the cancer rate by 12 percent, which worked out to nine additional cancer cases per 10,000 people per year.

The risk of breast cancer specifically went up by 11 percent for every 10 percent increase in ultraprocessed food. Sugary drinks, fatty foods and sauces were most strongly associated with cancer in general, while sugary foods had the strongest correlation to breast cancer.

According to the authors, “These results suggest that the rapidly increasing consumption of ultraprocessed foods may drive an increasing burden of cancer in the next decades.” Study co-author Mathilde Touvier told CNN:37

“It was quite surprising, the strength of the results. They were really strongly associated, and we did many sensitive analysis and adjusted the findings for many cofactors, and still, the results here were quite concerning.”

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Barry Brownstein, FEE
Waking Times

Harvard’s Gernot Wagner wants to save the world from global warming. His method? Develop a new type of plane that will fly more than 4,000 missions a year dumping particulates into the stratosphere.

Wagner and his colleague Wake Smith call the proposed plane “SAI Lofter (SAIL).” Anonymous individuals at “Airbus, Atlas Air, Boeing, Bombardier, GE Engines, Gulfstream, Lockheed Martin, NASA, Near Space Corporation, Northrup Grumman, Rolls Royce Engines, Scaled Composites, The Spaceship Company, and Virgin Orbit” provided input.

Estimates for SAIL’s design and operation seem sophisticated but are fabricated. Wagner and Smith admit, “No existing aircraft design—even with extensive modifications—can reasonably fulfill [their] mission.”

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No doubt, Wagner and others will tell you careful calculations will limit global cooling to just the right degree.

Wagner and others believe that scientists can calculate how many particulates will be needed to cool the Earth to a desired temperature.

Wagner and Smith are not alone in their geoengineering dreams. As early as 2006, Paul J. Crutzen, Nobel laureate in chemistry, called for “stratospheric geoengineering research.” Harvard professors David Keith and Frank Keutsch hope to experiment via balloons spraying “a fine mist of materials such as sulfur dioxide, alumina, or calcium carbonate into the stratosphere.” Wagner, Keith, and Keutsch are all part of the Solar Geoengineering Research Program at Harvard.

Geoengineering is gaining global traction. Last fall, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a report saying geoengineering could be used as an emergency “temporary remedial measure.”

Spraying aerosols in the stratosphere would mimic what large volcanoes do.”

In 1815, Mount Tambora in Indonesia erupted, spewing “millions of tons of dust, ash, and sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, temporarily changing the world’s climate and dropping global temperatures by as much as 3 degrees.” As the particulates moved around the global atmosphere, “1816 became the year without a summer for millions of people in parts of North America and Europe, leading to failed crops and near-famine conditions.”

Some scientists warn geoengineering will have unintended consequences.

No doubt, Wagner and others will tell you careful calculations will limit global cooling to just the right degree. Skeptics might conclude otherwise: scientists blinded by unlimited hubris are partnering with crony capitalists to threaten humanity.

To be sure, some scientists warn geoengineering will have unintended consequences. MIT’s Daniel Cziczo, an atmospheric scientist, warns that geoengineering could destroy the ozone layer. Without the ozone layer, photosynthesis would be difficult, the food chain would be destroyed, and life on Earth would perish. In this case, unintended consequences would be apocalyptic.

In his book The Fatal Conceit, F.A. Hayek observed, “The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design.” Is Hayek’s statement equally applicable to scientists imagining they can safely modify the biosphere?

Regardless of your beliefs about global warming, Nassim Taleb’s “precautionary principle” would rule out plans altering the biosphere. Taleb writes:

The precautionary principle (PP) states that if an action or policy has a suspected risk of causing severe harm to the public domain (affecting general health or the environment globally), the action should not be taken in the absence of scientific near-certainty about its safety.

Learning How Little We Know

In the late 1980s, outside Tucson, Arizona, scientists built a closed ecosystem (all food and water had to be obtained from inside the dome) to replicate the Earth’s biosphere. Eight humans resided in the biosphere for a short period of time. Not long into the experiment, project organizers had to open the sealed doors of Biosphere 2: “Oxygen levels got so low halfway through the first year that they had to put more in over fear for the safety of the Biosphere residents.”

“What they did learn, and in my opinion the single most important lesson, was just how little we truly understand Earth’s systems.”

John Adams, deputy director of Biosphere 2, clearly states the takeaway: “What they did learn, and in my opinion the single most important lesson, was just how little we truly understand Earth’s systems.” I suspect that Wagner won’t be calling Adams soon.

The Crazy Atlantropa Project

If you think Wagner’s plan to cool the atmosphere by mimicking the effects of volcanoes is bonkers, consider the Atlantropa project—”the craziest, most megalomaniacal scheme from the 20th century that you never heard of.”

After World War I, German engineer Herman Sörgel had a plan to prevent mass starvation in Europe. Sörgel called his plan the Atlantropa Project. The heart of the Atlantropa madness was to block the Atlantic Ocean from entering the Mediterranean by damming the Strait of Gibraltar. Deprived of a significant source of water flow, the Mediterranean would drain.

Sörgel imagined the dams would produce almost unlimited energy and the reclaimed land used for farming. World peace would reign when Europe and Africa were linked as a giant continent—Atlantropa.

Sörgel’s mad scheme had the enthusiast support of many expert engineers and the German public.

Without government support, Sörgel had no power to impose his crazy dream on others.

Yet, problems with Sörgel’s mad scheme were endless. An enormous amount of concrete would be requiredto build a dam across the Strait of Gibraltar. If the dam would fail, millions might die by floods. As for the reclaimed land, salt left behind on the seabed would prevent farming and turn the land into a desert.

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Herman Sörgel’s crazy scheme is not so different from Gernot Wagner’s—both imagine they know how our biosphere works. In Sörgel’s case, dams would have altered the Gulf Stream with catastrophic global cooling the result.

Without government support, Sörgel had no power to impose his crazy dream on others. Humanity averted disaster when the Nazis rejected Sörgel’s engineered “utopia.” In another instance, the Soviets were not as lucky.

How Communists Destroyed the Aral Sea

Consider the Aral Sea. The Aral Sea—once the fourth largest body of water on the planet—is now a vast wasteland that has shrunk to less than 25 percent of its former size.

The Aral Sea in Uzbekistan (formerly part of the Soviet Union) stands as a tragic monument to the environmental carnage that often occurs under socialism. How could this have happened? Was it a change in weather? No, the destruction of the Aral Sea was the consequence of the Soviet decision to divert waters that flowed into the Aral Sea to irrigate land for cotton farming.

In their book World Politics: International Politics on the World Stage, John Rourke and Mark Boyer write of the Aral Sea:

Then, beginning in the 1960s, Soviet agriculture demands and horrendous planning began to drain water from the sea and from the two great rivers that feed it (the Amu Darya from the north and the Syr Darya from the south) faster than the water could be replenished.


The sea started to shrink rapidly. As it did, the level of its salinity rose, and by 1977 the catch from the once-important fishery had declined by over 75 percent. Still the water level continued to fall, as the sea provided irrigation for cotton fields and for other agricultural production. The same Soviet planning that brought the world the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster in Ukraine, stood by paralyzed as the Aral Sea began to disappear before the world’s eyes.


Now, in reality, geographical name Aral Sea is a fiction, because it has shrunk in size and depth so much that a land bridge separates the so-called Greater Sea to the north from the Lesser Sea to the South. What was a single sea has lost 75 percent of its water and 50 percent of its surface area in the past 40 years. That is roughly equivalent to draining Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. The Uzbek town of Munak was once the Aral Sea’s leading port, with its fishermen harvesting the sea’s abundant catch. Now there are few fish, but even if there were many, it would not help the people of Munak. The town is now in the middle of a desert; the shoreline of the Lesser Sea is 50 miles away.

Let’s put all of this together. Human hubris and madness will always exist. Scientists can dream of controlling the uncontrollable, but they need an agent of coercion to implement their dangerous schemes. Their tool of coercion can only be government.

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About the Author

Barry Brownstein is professor emeritus of economics and leadership at the University of Baltimore. He is the author of The Inner-Work of Leadership. To receive Barry’s essays subscribe at Mindset Shifts.

This article (Scientists are Hatching Mad Plans to Geoengineer Earth to Save Us from Global Warming) was originally feature at FEE and is reposted here with permission. 

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The Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LSBA) has granted €235,000 (US$267,500) to support development of an experimental floating solar photovoltaic power plant at the existing 900-MW Kruonis pumped-storage hydroelectric plant in Lithuania.

While solar roads have been criticized as impractical and inefficient, a Georgia foundation says they will continue to be part of its research lab for greener highways.
While solar roads have been criticized as impractical and inefficient, a Georgia foundation says they will continue to be part of its research lab for greener highways.

Our earth is marvellously abundant and provides its dwellers with the necessities to survive such as food, shelter, and water, but what it also contains is an excessive amount of trash. The exact number to date is unknown, but when we consider that 1.3 billion tons of household waste is generated per year and only about 258-368 million tons of trash end up in one of the 50 largest dumpsites… one begins to wonder, where is the rest of it?

We are already very aware of The Great Garbage Patch in the ocean, which is infested with plastic, and another one was recently discovered floating in the Caribbean off the coast of an island near Honduras. This information is obviously distressing, but there is some good news: People are working tirelessly (no pun intended) to amend this issue. With The Great Garbage Patch, we have Boyan Slat who invented a device to clean up the ocean, and on land we have a new hero: 23 year-old Brazilian artist, Amarildo Silva Filho.

Two years ago, Amarildo encountered a pile of old tires in his neighbourhood and became inspired to combine two things he loves most: upcycling and his love of animals. What he came up with was unique, highly useful, and comfortable! Amarildo created beds from the tires for local strays, animals in shelters, and even pets. Below you will find images of how Amarildo creates these funky beds. He cuts and washes the tires that are either donated or found on the streets, and then he paints, decorates and sometimes customizes the pieces, and finishes them off by adding straps to help carry them and a mattress that he sews himself.

Amarildo has since created over 6,000 tire beds for animals and is continuing to create more as he’s received a lot of requests from pet-owners who are environmentally conscious and want to support his mission. If you’d like to learn more about Amarildo’s company,  Caominhas Pets, or even order a bed for your fur baby, check out his Facebook Page or Instagram.


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“The only way to do a great job is to love what you do.”
– Amarildo Silva Filho


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