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Ætherna Guild is a Free & Sovereign Space to Harmony, Tuned to Om Sound Frequency ॐ

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Bali & Java, Indonesia - Healing Journey Retreat January 2016

ÆtherNa VoiAge Tours & Orassy Ultimate Health

Revitalise yourself on a perfect 10-day island adventure with a beautiful and international guild of adventurers from around the World, as the Northern hemisphere falls into seasonal Wintry slumber.

Our international group will gather on the island of Bali on the 12th of January 2016 for the beginning of a truly life changing process of self-discovery. The journey includes evolved Yoga practices, incredible sunfoods and powerful energy practices at fantastic Buddhist sacred sites.


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Ætherna Guild is a free will, clean energy & sustainable living community resource website. More

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Awaken mankind's universal consciousness to find equitable solutions for a real, honest, best and prosperous Guild, based on unity and sharing, peace, respect and love, in harmony with nature and our environment to foster the achievement of collective goals leading to a higher intelligence and collective consciousness.

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