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A New Paradigm of Healthcare Emerges

International Symposium for Science, Art & Metaphysics (Lectures)
Science, Art & Metaphysics - Workshops in Health, Technology & Consciousnes

A New Paradigm of Healthcare Emerges as Our Current System Breaks Down: A Critical Coming Together.

May 14th & 15th at Courtauld Institute of Art, Somerset House, Central London. Critical issues in our society, availability of healthcare treatment options, problems with medications, combined with an increase in innovations in science have culminated to some key shifts in thinking and in professional practice. More and more people seem to be turning to complimentary medicine.

Art, Music and Creative Therapies are becoming more and more recognized for their impact and effectiveness for treating Mental illnesses. As the research in alternative medicine is increasing around the same time as breakthroughs in science, in particular quantum physics, some key questions are emerging around the nature of human condition. People seem to be going to alternative treatments in order to receive a "wellbeing experience" which they can’t get elsewhere. And now research is converging around mind-body medicine which seems to point to this leading to more comprehensive and personalised concepts and practices of medicine.

“Art therapies have a long track record in building successful engagement with “hard to engage” young people, enabling them to be both “seen and heard”, the coming together of complementary medicine with art therapy is key for dealing with the social as well as physical aspects of illness.” – British Association of Art Therapists.

The International Symposium for Science, Art & Metaphysics (www.sciartmet.com) is a partnership initiative between The Orassy Ultimate Health (www.orassyultimatehealth.com) and RICEVA Arts Ltd. (www.riceva.org)

#Complementary Medicine #Social Change #Science Innovations #Critical Issues

An article by: Euan Rafferty at RICEVA Arts Ltd./Orassy Academy


“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

― Nikola Tesla

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