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Health Benefits of Neem and More

The health and other benefits of neem are tremendous. This article is focused on the health and other benefits of neem oil so as other neem derivatives.

Chakras and Chanting Retreat

Chakras and Chanting Retreat

How about a chakras and chanting retreat on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica to tune in or tune out?

Ayurvedic Herbal Toothpaste

Dr. Jaikaran's Herbodent Classic - Ayurvedic Herbal Toothpaste

Created by renowned Ayurvedacharya Dr. Jaikaran Goel this ayurvedic herbal toothpaste contains extracts of Neem, Clove, Babool, Majuphal, Catechu and other rare herbs and natural extracts. It has oils of coriander, ginger, lemon, and spearmint among other essential natural oils.

Organic Tulsi Ginger Tea

Organic Tulsi Ginger Tea!

Organic Tulsi Ginger Tea

Kesh Nikhar: Hair Tonic

Kesh Nikhar Hair Tonic

Kesh Nikhar a tonic for eliminating dandruff, stopping excessive hair fall, preventing black hair turning gray, and to darken hair.

Basic Income in Canada

It IS time for Change and the cost of basic living necessities continues to rise, in the context of increasing:

Basic living costs, income and wealth gap, precarity, austerity, non-inclusive zoning, and inaccessible public and social services.

We strongly believe that a basic income will ensure that citizens have equal and inclusive access to a minimum standard of living.

The Love Project 2015

The Love Project Community Organisation has materialised to improve the quality of life for people struggling with ill health through empowerment and alternative support services, helping build confidence in order to re-engage in everyday social life.

A project in association with Sci-Art-Met, Orassy Ultimate Health & RICEVA Arts.

Global Health & Wellbeing Campaign on Indiegogo

Help Us Make Global Impact on Healthcare.

Donate Now and Get:

1) A Unique Stress Reduction & Mindfulness Mobile App.

    Which includes quantitative scientific information on how your stress is effecting your body and simple exercises, reminders and inspirational quotes to help you with daily relaxation and living a true work-life balance.

Bali & Java, Indonesia - Healing Journey Retreat January 2016

ÆtherNa VoiAge Tours & Orassy Ultimate Health

Revitalise yourself on a perfect 10-day island adventure with a beautiful and international guild of adventurers from around the World, as the Northern hemisphere falls into seasonal Wintry slumber.

Our international group will gather on the island of Bali on the 12th of January 2016 for the beginning of a truly life changing process of self-discovery. The journey includes evolved Yoga practices, incredible sunfoods and powerful energy practices at fantastic Buddhist sacred sites.


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