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VOSSAhedron by Fernando Vossa at Expocosmica 2016

VOSSAhedron Home Design by Fernando Vossa

This Saturday April 23rd, 2016, Fernando Vossa will be sharing deep wisdom from his path of designing a home that regenerates our bodies, minds and spirit.

His talk is at 4:30pm and make sure to come early because we have an entire day of amazing speakers, healers and guides to consciousness. $15 for the entire program.

Mr. Vossa is a Bio-Architect, Healer and Quantum Scientist and will be presenting his VOSSAhedron Advanced Level Workshop: Healing Homes as Seeds for Eco-Cities.

Workshop includes:

iCare Earth Day Webinar with Ilchi Lee & Don Miguel Ruiz

iCare Earth Day with Ilchi Lee & Don Miguel Ruiz

In honor of Earth Day this week, we will be hosting a free webinar on furthering personal and global change through sustainable living.

Host Rebecca Tinkle, author of The Secret of Mago Castle, will be joined by featured guest Steve Kim, Executive Director of the Earth Citizens Organization (ECO).

Paradigm Education Academy of Creative Enlightenment (P.E.A.C.E.) School

Our vision is to engage children in the re-enchantment of education and guide them to their highest potentials, through the provision of tools that ignite, unfold and augment their innate gifts and talents.


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