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Ætherna Clothing

Ætherna Clothing: Dresses, Shirts, T-Shirts, Tank Tops

Ætherna Guild is launching a new line of clothing with Siam7.

Ætherna is very proud to present its Energy T-Shirts Collection. Each T-Shirt is encoded with good frequencies, vibrations and energy aiming to attract positive people and vibrations in your life, spread the vibration of love on Earth so as to raise consciousness for human kind.

  • Handmade with love;
  • Consecrated by Buddhist Monks from Thailand;
  • Environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing;
  • Hypoallergenic and comfortable to wear, very soft against the skin;
  • Easy care wash and wear, no need to iron;
  • After x-times washing colors never fade, fabric never skrinks and no pilling;
  • 100% satisfaction and 30 days money back guarantee - no ifs no buts!

Here below are the first 3 models that Ætherna is presenting to you with love.

Ætherna - Universe Citizen T-Shirt

Ætherna - Universe Citizen T-Shirt


Ætherna - Just Be T-Shirt

Ætherna - Just Be T-Shirt


Ætherna - Reborn T-Shirt

Ætherna - Reborn T-Shirt

You can find our T-Shirts on the following online stores:

Ætherna Energy T-Shirts - the perfect GIFT - a beloved is struggling in life, having problems and need help so as good vibrations and energy, gift them with an Aetherna Energy T-Shirt.
Give #LOVE and Good #Energy!!! #EVOLve

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