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Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Bill Gates is back all over the media in recent days. making a few comments that help us to further understand his position on mass vaccination and the risks associated.

Firstly, though, it’s important to note that Gates also recently making a point to warn his audience and his believers that lies are spreading faster than truth.

“Very incorrect things that are very titillating…can spread much faster than the truth on social media, and we’ve always seen that with vaccines….social media can make that even worse…these social media companies can see what is being said on their platform and take things that are absolutely wrong and remove those things from the platform.

“How you divide that up, and draw that line…these are complex issues. It has been a spreader of lot of things…and how do you strike a balance?”

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Here’s that interview:

The establishment is working very hard to dominate the narrative on Covid-19, and with these comments, Bill Gates has thrown himself into the censorship arena, warning the poor public that dangerous information is the latest and greatest threat.

Gates’ publicly stated intention to deliver ‘7 billion vaccines to healthy people‘ is no secret. But this elaborate business plan, in which his foundation has hundreds of millions of dollars invested, will not work if the public distrusts a vaccine or simply does not trust the ‘authorities.’

To address this problem, a Gates funded pandemic simulation in 2019, Event 201, outlined a strategy called ‘the flood’ aimed at flooding the internet with information favorable to the mission of the WHO, Gates Foundation, et al. Journalist Derrick Broze covered this in detail here.

The other major component of controlling the narrative on the need and effectiveness of a mass vaccine involves minimizing known and probable risks of such vaccines. Bill Gates has said in his own blog that mRNA and DNA vaccines will be the most likely candidates for a global vaccine, given that the vaccine could be produced without needing actual cultures of CV-19, instead using synthesized DNA of the virus. This would introduce a new level of risk, given that these types of vaccines have never yet been approved for human use.

We were hit by fact checkers when we tried to bring this information to the public, and subsequently found a Moderna white paper expressing the company’s uncertainty of the negative effects of DNA vaccines.

“DNA vaccine work began thirty years ago, but as yet there are no licensed DNA vaccines and most remain in Phase 1 testing.

(Figure 5) The key challenge associated with DNA vaccines is that they must penetrate the cell nucleus (crossing two membranes; the cytoplasm and the nucleus). The DNA must then be transcribed in the nucleus into mRNA before moving to the cytoplasm to stimulate antigen production. This core complex pathway often requires both larger doses and special, often painful delivery devices using electric shocks or gold microspheres into person’s skin to deliver the DNA vaccine. Once inside the nucleus, DNA vaccines have a risk of permanently changing a person’s DNA. ” [Source]

READ: Moderna Vaccine White Paper – “DNA Vaccines Have a Risk of Permanently Changing a Person’s DNA”

You have to understand that this is an unreal amount of money at stake here. Hundreds of billions are being invested in the search for a CV-19 vaccine, and to up the ante considerably, the stock market is now severely affected anytime any news of promise or failure in a vaccine is released. This has all been positioned so that the entire world economy hinges on whether or not a vaccine is found.

Given this dynamic, of course a business man like Gates is going to downplay the risks while talking up the dire need for his product. It’s sales 101.

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  • In 2017, he did bring it up risk in reference to a visit with President Trump, saying that Trump asked him for his opinion on setting up a commission looking at the ill effects of vaccines.

    Gates commented:

    “…Robert Kennedy Jr. was advising him that vaccines were causing bad things and I said ‘no, that’s a dead end, that would be a bad thing, don’t do that.” [Source]

    This is from 2018, and it’s footage of a nervous Bill Gates talking about how he discouraged POTUS from getting a vaccine commission together to look at the dangers of vaccines.

    Gates is being found out BIGLY!

    HT: https://t.co/06B0ImNB7F pic.twitter.com/zKCZn925YK

    — CJTRUTH (@cjtruth) April 7, 2020

    READ: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Responds to Bill Gates’ Statements on a Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccine

    Looking at the potential negative effects of vaccines is a ‘bad thing’ according to Bill Gates, who, again, personally has hundreds of millions of dollars invested in a CV-19 vaccine alone. Why would considering the risks of a medicine be considered a ‘bad thing?’ This is especially telling given the backdrop of heavy censorship of information about hydroxychloroquine.

    CBS News’ Norah O’Donnel recently asked Gates about a Moderna vaccine trial in which many participants reported serious adverse reactions. Gates’ reply and mannerisms further clarify his position on vaccine damage.

    If you were to approach the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and tell him that thousands of innocent people were dying of bomb and drone strikes, the head of the US Military would absolutely tell you that collateral damage is just a cost of war. The developers of the bombs would also call the dead collateral damage, in the name of a greater good.

    That’s what Gates is doing here in this interview, he is downplaying the risks and brushing off anyone negatively impacted, in order to give the impression that the benefits of his business plan outweigh the potential harms.

    Norah O’Donnell: “After the second dose at least 80 percent of participants experienced a systemic side effect, ranging from severe chills to fevers. So, are these vaccines safe?”

    Bill Gates: “Well the, uh, the FDA, not being pressured, will look hard at that. The FDA is the gold standard of regulators, uh, and their current guidance on this, if they stick with that, is, is very, very appropriate. Uh, and, you know, they, it, and, the, the side effects were not super severe, that is it didn’t cause permanent health problems for the things, uh, you know, Moderna did have to go with the fairly high dose, and so, uh, you know, to get the antibodies, some of the other vaccines, uh, are going, able to go with lower doses to get, uh, responses that are, are pretty high, including the JMJ and the Phizer. So, there’s a lot of characteristics of these vaccines, uh, it’s great that we have multiple of them, uh, that are going out there…

    Norah O’Donnell: “You know the data better than I do, but Bill, the data that everybody with a high dose had a side effect.”

    Bill Gates: “Yeah, but some of that is not dramatic, where it’s just, you know super painful, but yes, they’re, we need to make sure there’s not severe side effects. The FDA, uh, I, I, I think will do a good job of that, uh despite the pressure.”

    Norah O’Donnell: “How many doses of the vaccine will we need?”

    Bill Gates: ‘None of the vaccines at this point appear like they’ll work with a single dose. That was the hope at the very beginning, uh, maybe one of them, particularly in the second generation will surprise us. We hope just two [doses], although in the elderly sometimes, uh, it takes more, and so making sure we have lots of elderly people in the trial will give us that data.”

    Norah O’Donnell: “You’ve said more than 7 billion doses is what we’ll need…”

    Here is that clip:

    Even CBS pressures Bill Gates on the topic that almost everyone had side effects. He doesn’t seem to care.

    — An0maly (@LegendaryEnergy) July 26, 2020

    In short, Gates just passed the buck for vaccine safety to the FDA, diminished serious side effects as collateral damage in the process to invent this vaccine, and also planted the seed in public consciousness that multiple doses will be required. Let that sink in.

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    About the Author

    Alex Pietrowski is an artist and writer concerned with preserving good health and the basic freedom to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. He is a staff writer for WakingTimes.com. Alex is an avid student of Yoga and life.

    This article (sWATCH: Bill Gates’ Recent Comments on CV-19 Vaccine Side Effects Are Typical of Big Business) originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Alex Pietrowski and WakingTimes.com

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    Dylan Charles, Editor
    Waking Times

    A group calling themselves America’s Frontline Doctors held a press conference yesterday about the benefits of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid-19. The video of which immediately went viral, but was just as quickly removed from major social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Accounts have been banned over this. People’s personal Facebook accounts are being censored and posts removed for talking about this.

    It’s another circus.

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    Zero Hedge notes:

    The press conference, which received over 14 million views before it was blacklisted and scrubbed by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, featured members of America’s Frontline Doctors – a recently formed advocacy group which claims that American life has fallen casualty to a massive disinformation campaign” against Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) – a decades-old malaria drug used by India and several other countries as part of their front-line treatment of the novel coronavirus, yet which has shown mixed efficacy in studies.

    This type of immediate, hall-monitor style of content removal is similar to the recent censoring of the Plandemic film, London Real’s interview with David Icke, the video of doctors calling for an end to the lockdown, and so many more.

    Information about hydroxychloroquine as a cure for Covid-19 is being heavily censored. This is true. Whether you would choose the treatment for yourself or not, your ability to see both sides of the issue is being restricted.

    READ: Former CBS Journalist Sharyl Attkisson Calls Out YouTube for Censoring Factual Info About Hydroxychloroquine

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    Respected journalist Sharyl Attkisson, host of Full Measure, recently called out YouTube for censorship of this issue, explaining the controversy here:

    She follows through with the critical message about our ability as free people to access information in order to preserve informed consent.

    “When self-appointed fact-checkers intervene to try to stop people from accessing certain information, or to bully and controversialize those who report and read facts that are off the narrative powerful interests are trying to forward, it should be concerning to all.” – Sharyl Attkisson

    Indeed it should be.

    Whatever your position on this issue is, whether you feel that there is a conspiracy to prevent people from accessing hydroxychloroquine, or if you feel that talking about its potential benefits amounts to public endangerment, the bigger issue here is censorship. Communist Chinese style digital censorship. We’ve been warning of this for a long time, but for most, it’s a total shock to see this happening with such severity here in the United States.

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  • We’re not accustomed to living with censorship so overt and immediate. As a nation, we’ve always held the belief that freedom of speech was one of our most precious values, so this type of control is startling. People are finally beginning to recognize our rapid acceleration into a brave new controlled society. It will be authoritarian, and all debate will be outlawed.

    So, for the record, and in the interests of free speech and informed consent, here is a link to the most recent banned Covid-19 health video.

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    About the Author

    Dylan Charles is the editor of Waking Times and host of Battered Souls: A Podcast About Transformation, both dedicated to ideas of personal transformation, societal awakening, and planetary renewal. His personal journey is deeply inspired by shamanic plant medicines and the arts of Kung Fu, Qi Gong and Yoga. After seven years of living in Costa Rica, he now lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where he practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and enjoys spending time with family. He has written hundreds of articles, reaching and inspiring millions of people around the world.

    Dylan is available for interviews and podcasts, and offers his services as a professional life coach to people looking to break free from the patterns and programming that hold them back in life. Contact Dylan at WakingTimes@gmail.com.

    This article (WATCH: The Latest Censored Covid-19 Video That’s Being Removed from the Net for Your Safety) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Dylan Charles and WakingTimes.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

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    What Happened: A video circling around the internet about a group of doctors giving a press conference in the United States talking about the coronavirus and sharing their professional opinion has been deleted by social media platforms, and virtually wiped off the face of the internet. In the video, the doctors were promoting Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment/cure for COVID-19, suggesting that masks weren’t necessary, and implying that a vaccine may not be either.

    This has obviously been listed as ‘fake’ information by fact checkers.

    Other doctors have raised concerns whether or not the vaccine will be more dangerous than the actual virus, like the Physicians for Informed Consent. They published a report titled “Physicians for Informed Consent (PIC) Compares COVID-19 to Previous Seasonal and Pandemic Flu Periods.” According to them, the infection/fatality rate of COVID-19 is 0.26%. You can read more about that story and access the research here.

    John P. A. Ioannidis, a professor of medicine and epidemiology at Stanford University has said that the infection fatality rate is close to 0 percent for people under the age of 45 years old. You can read more about that here.  Obviously, it the rate grows for older age groups and immunocompromised people, just like most other respiratory viruses.

    The point is, what many doctors and scientists have been telling us for months is contradicting what we are getting from big media, and the World Health Organization.

    The video was then tweeted by Donald Trump Jr, which brought even more attention to it. Twitter ordered the president’s son to delete the tweet, and said it would limit some account functionality on his account for 12 hours. Donald Trump apparently shared PARTS the video as well, according to multiple media outlets like CNN.

    CNN and other mainstream media outlets have called into question the validity of the video, and whether or not these are actual doctors or simply a group of people who are spreading misinformation. This is confusing, given the fact that they clearly introduce themselves, and their backgrounds can be verified. All of them. Furthermore, Congressman Ralph Norman was the first speaker, which is also not mentioned by mainstream media articles. Why would a congressman gather with a bunch of fake doctors?

    The second person to speak is Dr. Simone Gold. Gold,  an emergency medicine specialist (one of multiple in attendance at the conference) based in Los Angeles started to make noise when she said there were thousands of stories of patient harm due to stay at home orders as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. This corroborates with information that’s coming from all over the world. For example,  an article published in the British Medical Journal  has suggested that quarantine measures in the United Kingdom as a result of the new coronavirus may have already killed more UK seniors than the coronavirus has during the peak of the virus. You can access that article and read more about it here.

    In fact, Gold is the organizer of a letter signed by more than 600 doctors who pushed President Trump to end what they called a national shutdown. The letter described widespread state orders keeping businesses closed and children home from school as a mass casualty incident with “Exponentially growing health consequences.” That was back in May.

    Based on our research at Collective Evolution, there have been thousands of doctors who have been heavily censored and ridiculed, while a completely different narrative gets beamed out by mainstream media at the same time. Who has the power to orchestrate such things? They are literally controlling the minds of the masses via perception manipulation through censorship and ridicule.

    How come there is a digital authoritarian Orwellian fact-checker going around the internet censoring the research, opinions and discussions of prominent doctors and scientists? One of the latest to make noise doing so was Michael Levitt, a Biophysicist and a professor of structural biology at Stanford University, who criticized the WHO as well as Facebook for censoring different information and informed perspectives regarding the Coronavirus. He said that “the level of stupidity going on here is amazing.”

    You can read more about that here.

    Why This Is Important: It’s important because it goes to show that mainstream media uses nothing but ridicule, combined with their social media ‘partners’ in a massive censorship campaign to try and control the perception of the masses. They also used labels, and judgement.

    We’ve seen this for decades. A document states that the CIA task force “now has relationships with reporters from every major wire service, newspaper, news weekly, and television network in the nation,” and that “this has helped us turn some ‘intelligence failure’ stories into ‘intelligence success” stories,’ and has contributed to the accuracy of countless others.” Furthermore, it explains how the agency has “persuaded reporters to postpone, change, hold, or even scrap stories that could have adversely affected national security interests or jeopardized sources and methods.”

    National security has now become a term used to justify the concealment of information, as well as the brainwashing of the masses with misinformation for ulterior motives.

    As far as labels and judgement goes,  CNN writes:

    A video featuring a group of doctors making false and dubious claims related to the coronavirus was removed by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube after going viral online Monday.

    First of all, are the claims actually “dubious” and “false?” Do people who read CNN articles actually go down the rabbit hole to see if they are dubious and false, or do they simply believe this statement? They don’t really address all of the information about Hydroxychloroquine. The number of doctors around the world who were seeing success with this treatment was quite eye-opening, and there are a number of interesting publications about it as well but again, all we receive from mainstream media is ridicule.

    This isn’t only the case with Hydroxychloroquine, but for other substances as well.  It was also suspicious why studies began surfacing that the drug is dangerous after all of the studies over the years that have been conducted showed that it’s quite safe. It’s already been used for a number of years, well before the coronavirus.

    The CIA document linked above not only illustrates a close relationship with media, but academia as well. Could that have something to do with it? Do the ones who are doing the censoring and ridiculing also have scientists on the payroll? What kind of control do they have over our federal health regulatory agencies? Are the publications that say this drug is harmful more convincing than the ones that show the complete opposite?

    Even according to scientists from within our Federal Health Regulatory agencies, there is a big problem.

    We’ve seen this type of environment with tobacco, DDT, asbestos and more. Can they really be trusted?

    We’ve also seen the same ridicule factor with Vitamin C. I recently put out an article about a study published in “frontiers in immuology” strongly suggest the combined administration of Vitamin C & Quercetin for Covid-19 patients. That article goes a lot deeper, you can read it here and access the study.

    The point is, once doubt is casted on something via mainstream media, the validity of it seems to be destroyed, even if it is indeed 100 percent valid. Mainstream media is painting in false and incomplete reality and only telling you what suits their owners interests.

    When it comes to the new coronavirus, we’ve heard it time and time again. Nothing will work, nothing can work, there is no point trying to find anything else because the only thing that will and can work is a vaccine. This was the sentiment of Bill Gates early on during the pandemic, that things won’t go back to normal ‘until a vaccine has arrived,’ and still is.

    The doctors explained their reasoning, and provided their information and evidence based on experience. Again, we must ask ourselves, why is this information being completely wiped from social media platforms? What is going on here?

    The Takeaway

    We are living in a time where information is being censored like mad. A lot of people out there have formed an opinion without really looking into the mater, and instead simply rely on and trust what their government is telling them. It can be difficult for some to accept the fact that those who make major decisions on our planet with regards to not only our health, but virtually everything, really don’t have our best interests at heart. This is the process of awakening, it’s something we have to go through and come out on the other side with a new understand, from a place of peace, not fear. An understanding that we can change the human experience any time we want to. We don’t need to continue to uphold a system that’s full of lies, deceit and corruption. It seems every single day, month and year there are more and more opportunities to wake up, see, and starting questioning what’s really going on here. That’s exactly the process we are going through now. What 9/11 did for human consciousness, COVID-19 is doing the same.

    What Happened: Myself, Joe, and Ruby (Collective-Evolution)  recently sat down to discuss a very interesting declassified CIA document that wecame across. The document was approved for release in 2003, but comes from the 1980’s. It’s titled, “Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process.” The document was written for the Commander of the US Army Operational Group in Fort Meade and really dives deep into the holographic universe, out of body experiences, altered states of consciousness and much more. The focal point of the document is what’s known as “The Gateway Experience.”

    The Gateway experience is a ultimately a training system designed to bring enhanced strength, focus and coherence to the amplitude and frequency of brainwave output between left and right hemispheres so as to alter consciousness, moving it outside the physical sphere so as to ultimately escape even the restrictions of time and space

    It’s about information on how to interact with the nonphysical parts of reality. The Gateway Experience was originally created by Robert Monroe, founder of The Monroe institute (TMI). TMI is arguably the most renowned institute for consciousness studies, and has been assisting people in tapping into the powers of consciousness since 1971.

    You can listen to our discussion about it below, and access the document here.

    The second part of the discussion deals with a recent New York Times article about UFOs. You can access that here.

    Did You Know?

    Did you know that the US military, and military organizations all over the world have been studying parapsychology for decades? This includes precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing and much more. It’s quite clear that there has been a very heavy interest in this type of stuff, and there are multiple examples to choose from, by military agencies.

    For example, if you go to the CIA’s electronic reading room you can access files on the U.S. Government’s Star Gate Project, it was one of multiple programs within this realm that dealt a lot with the phenomenon of remote viewing, among others.

    How successful were these programs? Well, when it comes to remote viewing, which is the ability to describe a remote geographical location and its contents, as well as predicting future events, we have a great quote from 1995 when some of the literature was declassified. It comes from Dr. Harold E. Puthoff, scientist and co-founder of the program at Stanford.

    “To summarize, over the years, the back-and-forth criticism of protocols, refinement of methods, and successful replication of this type of remote viewing in independent laboratories has yielded considerable scientific evidence for the reality of the (remote viewing) phenomenon. Adding to the strength of these results was the discovery that a growing number of individuals could be found to demonstrate high-quality remote viewing, often to their own surprise….The development of this capability at SRI has evolved to the point where visiting CIA personnel with no previous exposure to such concepts have performed well under controlled laboratory conditions.” (source)

    Another very interesting document highlights experiments involving the videotaping and high-speed photography of the transfer of test specimens (nuts, bundles of matches, pills, nails, thread, photosensitive paper, chemically treated paper, sponges dipped in FeCl3, etc.) through the walls of sealed paper envelopes, double layered KCNS-type paper bags, sealed glass bottles and tubes with sealed caps, and sealed plastic film canisters without the walls of any of these containers being breached. All of the Chinese experiments reported using gifted children and young adults, who possessed well-known extraordinary PK (psychokinetic) ability that allowed them to teleport the various test specimens. In all the experimental cases that were reported, the test specimens that were teleported were completely unaltered or unchanged from their initial state.

    You can access that document and read more about it here.

    Here’s another great quote I’d like to share. It comes from Dr. Jessica Utts, the Chair of the Department of Statistics at the University of California, Irvine and a professor there since 2008.

    What convinced me was just the evidence, the accumulating evidence as I worked in this field and I got to see more and more of the evidence. I visited the laboratories, even beyond where I was working to see what they were doing and I could see that they had really tight controls…and so I got convinced by the good science that I saw being done. And in fact I will say as a statistician I’ve consulted in a lot of different areas of science; the methodology and the controls on these experiments are tighter than any other area of science where I’ve worked (source)

    The Takeaway

    We are living in crazy times, and have been living in a time where new concepts and understandings about the nature of reality, and what humans are capable of is coming to light in an extremely credible way, despite the fact that it’s been ridiculed for a long time.

    There seems to be a deep concern that the whole field will be tarnished by studying a phenomenon that is tainted by its association with superstition, spiritualism and magic. Protecting against this possibility sometimes seems more important than encouraging scientific exploration or protecting academic freedom. But this may be changing.”  Cassandra Vieten, PhD, and President/CEO at the Institute of Noetic Sciences  (source)

    We know very little about ourselves, and discoveries of this nature should really be shared openly and transparently. It’s in our nature to explore, discover and expand our consciousness through paradigm shifting realizations. If we continue to go to school, go to college and get a job just to survive without questioning what it is we are doing here, we are not really taping into our full potential as human race and simply repeating a cycle that’s taking us down a path that nobody desires to go. There is still time, we can turn it around here on planet Earth.

    What Happened: Last month, US President Donald Trump “donated more to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, to prevent the spread of infectious diseases worldwide.” He did so in a statement of support for Gavi at the public Gavi pledge conference, which was hosted by the United Kingdom, on June 4th. So far, the United States has donated more than $12 billion for the development of COVID-19 vaccines and therapies, and “the U.S. commitment to immunization complements the work of innovators in the United States and other countries who are racing to find a vaccine and treatments for COVID­19.” (source)

    Bill and Melinda Gates launched the Gavi alliance in the year 2000, it’s a public-private partnership that claims to support “global health-system strengthening and vaccine deployment for infectious diseases worldwide.”  (source)

    Shortly after this, Trump announced that they will give nearly $2 billion to Pfizer, a big pharmaceutical company, for 100 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine that could make its way into the public domain sometime next year. According to Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, the U.S. could buy another 500 million doses under the agreement if the vaccine is safe and effective in the U.S.

    Multiple countries are now purchasing vaccines for the new coronavirus.

    Why This Is Important: It’s important because the coronavirus vaccine is extremely relevant right now and on the minds of many as the only possible solution to this pandemic, at least that’s how it’s being marketed, despite the fact that multiple peer-reviewed studies and examples have emerged from all over the world regarding the success of other interventions.

    For example, a study published last month in Frontiers in Immunology titled “Quercetin and Vitamin C: An Experimental, Synergistic Therapy for the Prevention and Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 Related Disease (COVID-19)” concluded the following:

    Quercetin displays a broad range of antiviral properties which can interfere at multiple steps of pathogen virulence – virus entry, virus replication, protein assembly – and that these therapeutic effects can be augmented by the co-administration of vitamin C. Furthermore, due to their lack of severe side effects and low-costs, we strongly suggest the combined administration of these two compounds for both the prophylaxis and the early treatment of respiratory tract infections, especially including COVID-19 patients.”

    As far as vitamin C goes, this is not the only study or article to recommend its use when it comes to treating COVID-19. For examplem Medicine in Drug Discovery of Elsevier, a major scientific publishing house, recently published an article on early and high-dose IVC in the treatment and prevention of Covid-19. High-dose intravenous VC was successfully used in the treatment of 50 moderate to severe COVID-19 patients in China. The doses used varied between 2 g and 10 g per day, given over a period of 8–10 h. Additional VC bolus may be required among patients in critical conditions.”

    New York hospitals were also seeing success with Quercetin and Vitamin C. You can read more about that here. Vitamin C isn’t the only ‘alternative’ therapy, Hydroxychloroquine also caused quite a bit of controversy. The main point I am trying to make here is that mainstream media has not only ignored these facts, but there seemed to be a coordinated attack on the idea that these therapies can work. Once the mainstream media and organizations who are threatened come up with a way, whether it be by paying scientists or manipulating data, to ridicule an idea, that idea instantaneously loses credibility in the minds of the masses. That’s how much of a stranglehold mainstream media has, and has had on our collective perception.

    Secondly, it’s important because according to organizations like the American Medical Association as well as the World Health Organization, vaccine hesitancy among people, parents, and, as mentioned by scientists at the World Health Organization’s recent Global Vaccine Safety Summit, health professionals and scientists continues to increase. This is no secret, as vaccines have become a very popular topic over the past few years alone. In fact, the World Health Organization has listed vaccine hesitancy as one of the biggest threats to global health security. The issue of vaccine hesitancy is no secret, for example, one study (of many) published in the journal EbioMedicineoutlines this point.

    This fact was also  emphasized by Professor Heidi Larson, a Professor of Anthropology and the Risk and Decision Scientist Director at the Vaccine Confidence Project. She is referenced by the authors in the study above. At the WHO conference, she emphasized that safety concerns among people and health professionals seem to be the biggest issue regarding vaccine hesitancy.

    The other thing that’s a trend, and an issue, is not just confidence in providers but confidence of health care providers, we have a very wobbly health professional frontline that is starting to question vaccines and the safety of vaccines. That’s a huge problem, because to this day any study I’ve seen–and we’re constantly looking on any studies in this space–still, the most trusted person on any study I’ve seen globally is the health care provider.

    There are a number  of physicians and scientists raising awareness about this. The Physicians For Informed Consent are one of many such groups. This brings me to my next point, informed consent.

    Vaccine mandates have already caused quite a controversy when it comes to children. The right to receive a medical or religious exemption is being taken away in various states, and a child cannot attend a public school unless they are up to date with the CDC’s recommended vaccination schedule. This is done on the basis that unvaccinated children are a danger to vaccinated children, which is a highly flawed argument given the fact that vaccines aren’t safe and effective for everyone, which is why the National Childhood Vaccine Injury act has paid nearly $4 billion to families of vaccine-injured children, and that’s only counting approximately 1 percent of vaccine-injured children because most of them go unreported. You can read more about that here.

    It’s also important because we need to weigh the dangers of the vaccine compared to the actual disease. The Physicians For Informed Consent (PIC) recently published a report titled “Physicians for Informed Consent (PIC) Compares COVID-19 to Previous Seasonal and Pandemic Flu Periods.” According to them, the infection/fatality rate of COVID-19 is 0.26%.

    Similar to CDC estimations, PIC’s analysis results in a COVID-19 CFR of 0.26%, which is comparable to the CFRs of previous seasonal and pandemic flu periods. “Knowing the CFR of COVID-19 allows for an objective standard by which to compare both non-pharmaceutical interventions and medical countermeasures,” said Dr. Shira Miller, PIC’s founder and president. “For example, safety studies of any potential COVID-19 vaccine should be able to prove whether or not the risks of the vaccine are less than the risks of the infection. (source)

    You can read more about that story here.  So far, multiple clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccines have shown severe reactions within 10 days after taking the vaccine. You can read more about that story, here.

    Alan Dershowitz and Robert F. Kennedy recently had a vaccine debate regarding the safety of vaccines. It includes a discussion about the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine. You can watch that and read more about it here.

    Last but not least, it goes to show just how susceptible politicians and presidents are to what many before them have referred to as the invisible government. Donald Trump was clearly not a fan of vaccines, and that was made clear during his 2016 election campaign. When it comes to politics, big business always seems to win.

    The invisible government, which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities, states and nation…The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control both parties…(and) control the majority of the newspapers and magazines in this country. They use the columns of these papers to club into submission or drive out of office public officials who refuse to do the bidding of the powerful corrupt cliques which compose the invisible government. It operates under the cover of a self-created screen and seizers  our executive officers, legislative bodies, schools, courts, newspapers and every agency created for the public protection.” (source)(source) – John F. HylanMayor of New York City from 1918-1925

    Another great one from Theodore Roosevelt

    “Political parties exist to secure responsible government and to execute the will of the people. From these great tasks both of the old parties have turned aside. Instead of instruments to promote the general welfare, they have become the tools of corrupt interests which use them impartially to serve their selfish purposes. Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government, owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to dissolve the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day.”(source)

    The Takeaway

    At the end of the day, the new coronavirus and the measures taken to combat it have caused a lot of controversy. When someone like NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden said governments are using the coronavirus to push more authoritarian measures upon the population, it’s important that we listen. Instead, we prosecute them, exile them, and put people like Julian Assange who expose war crimes in jail while we agree with and identify with those who are committing the crime. What is encouraging, however, is that just like 9/11 did, COVID-19 is shifting human consciousness in a major way.

    Can you really have an out of body experience on command? Absolutely. While this is something that will take some time to practice and get good at, there are many methods to having out of body experiences or spiritual experiences on command using only your consciousness and physical body.

    There is also a purpose to these experiences; they aren’t simply to trip out (although if you wish to do that it’s up to you). These experiences can help you dissolve fears, move past trauma, expand your consciousness and much more. I personally don’t feel inspired to do anything other than explore and expand myself when I engage in experiences like this.

    Many of the stories you hear of out of body experiences happen through dreams, near death experiences, from the state between sleep and awake, and when people experiment with psychedelics like magic mushrooms, DMT or ayahuasca. But we are capable of having out-of-body experiences with just our thoughts, breath and consciousness.

    Why These Experiences Can Be Helpful

    I say “CAN BE” helpful because they have that ability, but it doesn’t mean we always use it. We may want to explore a past trauma, and meditation or OBE’s could help us do that, but if we don’t use them for this purpose or do the work afterwards they won’t be helpful. Likewise with any substance like ayahuasca, mushrooms or DMT. They don’t do the work for you and don’t save you. You still have to do the work afterwards and it’s for this exact reason that most people who experiment with these substances or experiences still don’t make shifts in their lives because it’s still work. And it’s the work that we often aren’t willing to do that stops us from moving forward.

    Your intention for wanting to have these experiences is important. Sometimes when we think about psychedelics or having out of body experiences we are seeking a trippy-like experience out of curiosity. And that’s totally fine. Curiosity can be how we explore and learn things. But while it may be fun to play a couple times, I generally say it isn’t the best motivation for wanting to have these experiences. I typically tend to encourage people to reflect on a deeper sense of exploration and growth within ourselves when it comes to exploring our consciousness.

    The reason why I believe focusing on having a trippy experience is not ideal is because I have seen many people get lost in the need to just experiencing something trippy. Not only that, but it can often become an escape from the challenges we face. Which is why I feel society utilizes cannabis, alcohol, TV and food addictively.

    DMT, mushrooms, Ayahuasca and so forth were initially put on this planet when we had difficult times exploring our consciousness and external tools assisted us in doing that. Today, a resurgence of these substances is taking place as people’s curiosity to explore is once again popular. After all, there is a shift in consciousness taking place.

    However, I do not believe we still need these substances today in order to have these types of consciousness based experiences. While I think they can be helpful for some of us who are in difficult situations like drug addiction or have serious trauma from war or violent experiences, I feel we are all very equipped within ourselves to explore without them, and I’m personally inspired to encourage that.

    Ultimately it’s not as much about any substance or experience as it is about what the end goal helps us to see – more about ourselves. They tell us to look within to find answers and move past our challenges. So many experiences in life are all pushing us to do that exact same thing, look within. Our core teaching here at Collective Evolution is change starts within. All for the reason that it’s at the core of how we will create a profound shift in our lives and on this planet. So what can we take from this?

    If we know the core truth is about us looking within, why not just begin looking there right now?

    How I Created my Own Out Of Body Experience

    I was in California, attending Wim Hof’s retreat in Beverly Hills. It was day two and we were doing a breathing exercise that was about focusing on energy in our body and learning how to control and use it.

    At the Wim Hof retreat in California.

    There was a focus on utilizing it to activate our pineal gland in such a way that may or may not release a little bit of DMT in your brain, allowing us to have some form of experience that would be beyond the physical. I would like to say at this point that this is certainly not the core message of Wim’s work, nor is it something that I think the method is truly for. It’s simply something that you can use in order to obtain this result. These forms of breathing exercises are not new either, they have been used by yogi’s and “guru’s” for many years to attain different states of consciousness.

    There were about 60 of us, we were in a beautiful room with 15 foot ceilings and the sun was shining in through the side windows. I was laying flat on my back on a yoga mat patiently waiting for the exercise to start. This would not be the first time I was going to have an out of body experience, but it would be the first I would attempt on command. My previous experiences came from dream-states, meditation or simply.. happening.

    We began with Wim’s standard method of breathing. Heavy breaths in and out of the mouth. Stomach, chest, head, out. After about 8 minutes of this, I went into my breath holds (as part of his method) and I began to focus energy from around the base of my spine and brought it up my back, into my brain and ‘pinged’ my pineal gland with it.

    As I brought the energy up into my pineal gland I felt what I had felt in the past with these types of experiences. Ringing and vibrations in my body and mind starting to increase. With my eyes closed, I began to see the room. I could feel my essence slowly leaving my body up straight into the air. It moved slowly and peacefully. It wasn’t a fast jolt or ‘uncontrollable’ in a sense, it was very light.

    The pineal gland.

    As I drifted upwards more and more I eventually made it to the ceiling and rested there. What happened next was what you might experience in deep meditation which is having all of your thoughts emotions set aside and you begin to feel like a massive, massive, massive presence that is so far beyond your physical body that you no longer identify with being a physical body. You begin to realize you are a vast consciousness that is pure unconditional love and pure potential.

    From this state of being you have the ability to utilize your awareness to look at your life, situations, the planet or whatever it may be from a completely non-judgmental and unconditionally loving way so as to deeply understand why things happen. You gain clarity and awareness as to how you may move forward with something from this space. These experiences help us to get a glimpse at what is beyond the stories and the drama of our minds. This is VERY powerful in clearing our fears, worries, and traumas.

    Back to my experience here. As I continued to feel immense at the top of the ceiling, I could see all of the bodies in the room having their own experience. I felt connected to them, the building, and everything around us. The difference between myself and everything else drifted away, and I was simply an essence or consciousness observing. This, is precisely how I know experientially that consciousness does not originate in the mind but is our existence. Mainstream science has not caught up to this understanding yet but it’s getting close, and that is very inspiring.

    After what could have been 10 or so minutes, I slowly came back down into my physical body and began to integrate back into it. I opened my eyes and began to feel the desire to go outside and enjoy the sunlight. I felt slightly emotional at this point as I had gotten a glimpse of the difference between feeling fully clear outside of my body vs feeling certain emotional pains and mind stories that were in my physical body. This right here, is where the magic is. This is how we see more clearly what it is that we are being challenged by and have a reference point to compare what letting it go feels like.

    Concluding Thoughts

    When you are in meditation, you are able to re-tune into these types of higher states of consciousness and be an observer looking back at the challenges you face at any moment in your life. With detachment from them you can ask yourself how you created or co-created the experience you are having and what lesson is in it for you. How does it serve you? How can you move forward with action and so forth? You can see the greater workings and perfection that comes with these experiences to help you move beyond them.

    So that’s pretty well it! Utilize and explore these experiences with clear intentions of evolving yourself and you will have the best results in not only creating these experiences but attaining more peace in your life. Have fun and keep exploring!

    What Happened: Eric W. Davis, a renowned astrophysicist who worked as a subcontractor and then a consultant for the Pentagon UFO program since 2007, recently stated that, in some cases, the examination of the material retrieved from some UFOs has, according to the New York times, “failed to determine their source” which has led Davis to conclude that “We couldn’t make it ourselves.” The New York times went on to explain “Davis, who now works for Aerospace Corp, a defense contractor, said he gave a classified briefing to a Defense Department Agency as recently as March about retrievals from “off-world vehicles not made on this Earth.”

    Here are a few of his publications if you’re interested in exploring further.

    How cool would it have been to have been at that briefing? The New York Times is claiming, or was told, that the government could not identify the source, but according to Davis, they clearly know that these materials are not made from Earth.

    As a side note, the picture you see at the top of this article comes from NASA/Lockheed senior scientist Norman Bergrun,  taken from the Voyager mission in 1980. It’s an unidentified craft that is extremely and unimaginably large. Norman believes these are “extraterrestrial vehicles.”  The Voyager mission was tasked with photographing Saturn, its rings and its moons. You can read more about that specific story and the picture here.

    When someone like Eric Davis speaks, it’s hard not to take notice of what he is saying and explore it with an open mind. For many years he was a member of the National Institute for Discovery Sciences (NIDS)(Owned by Robert Bigelow), the Chief Science Officer of EarthTech Int’l, Inc. and the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin in Austin, Texas. He is the Owner/Chief Executive/Chief Scientist of Warp Drive Metrics who consults and contracts for the Department of Defense. He is also an Adjunct Professor in the Early Universe, Cosmology and Strings Group at the Center for Astrophysics, Space Physics & Engineering Research at Baylor University in Waco, TX.

    Davis has hinted to the idea that he himself is aware of the source of these objects, just as many others have as well. The New York Times doesn’t touch on that in their reporting however. We’ll explore the potential reason why the NYT left that out in a moment.

    “yes there have been crashed craft, and bodies recovered.”- Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell. (source)

    Why This Matters

    We now have testimony from hundreds of “high ranking individuals,” not to mention actual video footage, pictures, radar tracking and other electro-optical data that has been released into the public domain. Yet there still remains such a high level of secrecy and such a limited story that is told to the public, all while a slow campaign to reveal this information is beginning.

    The statement below fromVictor Marchetti, former special assistant to the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, doesn’t seem to hold so true anymore, at least the last part.

    “We have, indeed, been contacted — perhaps even visited — by extraterrestrial beings, and the US government, in collusion with the other national powers of the Earth, is determined to keep this information from the general public.”
    (Second Look, Volume 1, No 7, Washington, DC, May, 1979)

    This is confusing for many who are paying attention, because for so long the human race has been subjected to an “official campaign of ridicule and secrecy” about UFOs and ETs. (Ex-CIA Director Roscoe Hillenkoetter) So why all of the disclosure all of the sudden? When mainstream media covers big topics, based on my observations, there is usually a staggering amount of manipulation and disinformation involved. Is this what we will see, or are seeing with the UFO topic now that it is becoming popular in the mainstream? I don’t know, is it a possibility? Yes. You can read more about that specific topic in the article linked below, if interested.

    Do UFOs represent some sort of threat? Or Is This Idea Just Government Propaganda

    Or are they simply preparing humanity for the inevitable?

    Navigating the UFO topic, and deciphering between credible information and misinformation can be difficult. Note the Roscoe Hillenkoetter quote above, but also note others have come forward claiming that it was their job to spread misinformation within the field, like former a retired Air Force Special investigations officer (AFSIO) Richard Doty. You can read more about that here.

    Scientist and renowned UFO research Jacques Valle has also come across documents that show, in his words, conclusively, that the CIA was conducting fake alien abductions in South America as part of their psychological warfare program. You can read more about that here.

    Has there been misinformation spread into the field of UFOs, which represents a very real phenomenon? Why? Based on what I’ve come across, it’s simply to create a divide amongst the UFO community, as well as make it harder to determine what is real, what is not, what is true, and what is not true, thus making it hard to arrive at any kind of real truth that people can unite behind.

    What The New York Times Didn’t Tell You

    When it comes to Eric Davis, there is a very important story to be told and it deals with one of the biggest and most significant leaks in UFO history when it comes to documentation. The document in question goes into detail about a meeting that was had between Dr. Eric Davis, and Vice Admiral Thomas Ray Wilson.

    Since the leak of this document, there has been no denial publicly by Davis regarding the authenticity of these documents, and the focal point of the document is about a meeting (and what happened after that meeting) that took place in 1997 between UFO researcher Dr. Steven Greer, Admiral Wilson, Dr. Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14 astronaut) and other high ranking individuals within the military. This meeting was spoken about by Dr. Greer and Dr. Mitchell nearly four years prior to the leak of these documents, so it’s all very interesting

    In the  CETV episode below, we actually play footage of Mitchell confirming and talking about this meeting as well as Greer.  You can sign up for your free trial here to watch the full episode.

    CETV is our inner circle at Collective Evolution. The members-only platform has been created to give people credible information to explore topics like this in-depth, as well as help support our work in times when independent media is being demonetized. At CETV, we also provide guides and course for exploring consciousness and personal transformation.

    The Takeaway

    The topic of UFOs leaves no aspect of humanity untouched. It has huge implications for human consciousness, and opens up new understandings about the nature of reality, history, science, technology, metaphysics, and much more.  At the end of the day, change ultimately doesn’t come from new discoveries and technology, it comes from the consciousness behind these new discoveries and technology. People say there are technologies out there that can drastically change the world and help us all thrive, but again, it’s not the technology, it’s our level of consciousness that determines how this technology will be used, or not used.

    What are we going to do with the information that we learn? Why would we use our most advanced technology for weaponry and population control? Why would we not use it to create a world that will help everyone thrive? Perhaps looking out into the unknown provides a message of looking at ourselves within, and questioning what exactly it is we are doing on this planet, and why we are doing it. The primary reason humanity uses these techs for war instead of peace and a thriving world is because we are simply in a state of unconsciousness and are tied to a story of separation. As we expand our awareness into who we truly are, our connection to oneness, the fabric of our reality, begins to change how we operate and use technology on this planet.

    Human beings have the potential to create an experience where everyone can thrive. The expansion and evolution of consciousness is vital, and the reality that we are not alone and have likely been visited many times is truly a global paradigm-shifting reality.

    What is happiness to you?

    Is it quality time on a warm beach with loved ones where the stresses of regular life have shifted themselves quietly into the back of your mind? Or is it owning a multi-million dollar company that runs like clockwork and provides for you and your family even while you sleep?

    No matter how you define happiness, one thing remains true: It is completely subjective. Subjective not only to you, but also to every moment in your life. I doubt that if you created a vision board five years ago that your dreams and desires would completely match those of today.

    While the pursuit of happiness can certainly be a wonderful motivator, I’ve recently began to question how many of us see it in that way. Are we actually being driven by what we would like to accomplish, or are we looking at our lives and focusing on the difference between what we’d like and how it currently is?

    Where We Try to Find and Create Happiness

    One of the most common places that we tend to turn to for aid in our pursuit is the world of self-help and personal development. We read books, attend seminars, and complete online courses that are all designed to give us the tools to accomplish our goals and ultimately attain happiness.

    As someone who has delved into this world quite substantially, including a very recent binge focused on business growth, I can undoubtedly say that there are a lot of great resources out there. (Find out more.)

    The issue doesn’t lie in the content itself, but rather in how we apply it. A number of the life coaching greats, including Tony Robbins, have openly admitted how much of their continued success is contingent upon us not dedicating to and applying what they offer.

    How many times have you found yourself incredibly inspired by a personal development principle the moment you processed it, only to let it dwindle from your life a mere week later?

    Perhaps if we actually stuck with these teachings, we’d not only attain much of what we are striving for, but also realize that happiness is a lot simpler than we realize or are willing to accept.

    Simplifying Happiness

    Take the time right now to ask yourself two questions:

    1. What is happiness to me?
    2. What makes me happy?

    Chances are that your answer to question one was far more elaborate than what you (probably quickly) listed off for question two.

    When asked to describe happiness we tend to imagine a state of being we need to somehow not only create but sustain. But when we shorten the word to happy, we list off far more simple experiences and preferences that emotionally trigger a pleasant frame of mind, even if just for a fleeting second.

    Things such as quality time with a pet, cuddling with a loved one, and watching a favourite sports team can all make us happy, but fall short in filling the void to sustained happiness.

    Rather than focusing on the pieces to what we feel will provide us with eternal happiness, perhaps we should instead focus on making consistent time for what makes us happy. Having done this for a little while now, I find that it not only improves my daily mood, but has also gone a long way toward bringing me closer to accomplishing a lot of what I want in the grander scheme of things.

    Should We Strive for Peace Instead?

    How many things currently in your life did you once desire? Whether it be a loving partner, a job that provides for you, or a place to call home, we’ve all accomplished at least one of our once-seen-as-keys to happiness.

    Having accomplished that, are you satisfied with yourself and in a state of happiness? The likely answer is no, because as I briefly alluded to above, the pursuit of happiness is a continual chase rather than a concrete state of being.

    Look at the lives of celebrities, athletes, and business moguls who have all far exceeded most of what we believe would make us happy. Are any of them truly satisfied with where they are? Or are they just as troubled and lost as we are?

    As part of the process in making consistent time for what makes you happy, choose to pursue peace instead. Peace comes from within, and can be attained and sustained much more easily.

    Finding peace includes appreciating where you currently are in life, valuing the tools you have available to you, and approaching the future guided by your passions rather than heavy needs.

    For further insight, I encourage you all to check out a video put together earlier this year outlining 8 Mental Shifts To Help Trigger Success & Happiness.

    What Happened: Jeffrey Epstein’s right hand person, Ghislaine Maxwell, is currently being held without bond in New York after being arrested in connection to Jeffrey Epstein and her role in the trafficking and sexual abuse of minors.  She pleaded not guilty on July 14th, 2020 and is being held in jail while awaiting her trial, which is set to commence sometime in 2021.

    The picture you see above was obtained by The Sun, the full image shows Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein & Ghislaine Maxwell pictured together at Prince Beatrice’s 18th birthday party. Beatrice is the daughter of Prince Andrew. You can view the picture here.

    The latest news on her case deals with what apparently is a very extensive collection of “extremely personal” documents that a Manhattan judge ordered to be unsealed. The documents outline with her correspondence with Jeffrey Epstein in 2015.

    As the Guardian reports:

    In the civil lawsuits, Maxwell’s lawyers had pushed to keep these records secret, claiming previously “this series of pleadings concerns [attempts] to compel Ms Maxwell to answer intrusive questions about her sex life” that are “extremely personal, confidential and subject to considerable abuse by the media”.

    The decision over these records stems from Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre’s 2015 civil lawsuit against Maxwell. Giuffre has alleged that Maxwell recruited her to work as Epstein’s masseuse at 15 years old, when she worked as a locker-room attendant in Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in south Florida.

    Maxwell’s lawyers are appealing the decision by the Judge, but if unsuccessful it’s going to be very telling to see what type of revelations come out of these documents.

    This Topic Goes Deeper Than Anything You’ll See On Netflix

    A docuseries about Jeffrey Epstein recently appeared on Netflix called Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich. Being someone who has been researching and bringing awareness to elite level child trafficking, pedophilia, ritual abuse and murder, I wasn’t surprised to see the series that’s come out about Epstein on Netflix not share the full truth about Epstein, his upbringing and why he did what he did.

    Based on my research, this issue goes beyond the abuse and grooming of teens who are 15, 16, 17 and 18 years old, but also with young children.

    Some are speculating that thee Netflix series is meant to pull attention away from others involved, and make Epstein look like a lone actor.

    Furthermore, there is reason to believe that Epstein’s job was actually to entice powerful people within politics to have sex with young women and then ultimately entrap them, whether it’s through photographs, hidden cameras, or through other methods. For example, in an interview with Zev Shalev, former CBS News executive producer and award-winning investigative journalist for Narativ, the former senior executive for Israel’s Directorate of Military Intelligence, Ari Ben-Menashe, claimed not only to have met Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged madame Ghislaine Maxwell, back in the 1980s, but that both Epstein and Maxwell were already working with Israeli intelligence during that time period.

    Will this information be told to you via mainstream media? It’s unlikely, but perhaps in years to come.

    There are multiple allegations that Epstein was not only a pedophile involved in the trafficking of children, but actually an intelligence agent as well.

    The story about Epstein, as well as elite-level child trafficking is a deep one, and it’s quite relevant given the fact that many people who humanity has been made to idolize, and many people in charge of making major decisions within society are involved in these actions.

    For those who want to dive in deeper, you can refer to this article I published not long ago: Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell Are Just The Tip of The Iceberg: This Goes Much Deeper 

    Our Interview With A Survivor of Elite Child Sex Trafficking

    We’ve covered this topic a lot because it helps us realize how our world functions so we can choose to make a shift vs simply accepting it and allowing it to continue even if it doesn’t resonate with us. Life is spirituality, spirituality is life, there is no separation. To talk about what is happening in our world explores the human conditions and the consciousness that creates it. As it comes to our awareness, we can choose to make a shift. If it’s not in our awareness, we remain asleep or unconscious, or perhaps only partially conscious.

    If we wish to live our full potential, we must awaken to truths in our world, and awaken to who we truly are, then we can create a reality that matches that. Sharing this information helps people to awaken to their full potential in a round about way.

    Jeffrey Epstein’s case brings awareness to the bigger picture of the issue, which you will definitely get from the interview below. It’s an interview we put in every article we write about this issue. It’s deep, and it has a consciousness aspect that needs to be understood when it comes to this issue.

    Anneke Lucas is an author, speaker, advocate for child sex trafficking victims, founder of the non-profit organization Liberation Prison Yoga, and creator of the Unconditional Model.

    Her work is based on her 30-year journey to restore her mental and physical wellbeing after surviving some of the worst atrocities known to humankind before the age of 12. Sold as a young child into a murderous pedophile network by her family, she was rescued after nearly six years of abuse and torture.

    We recently conducted an interview with her. Below is a clip from the four-part series, as it was a very long and detailed interview. You can access the full interview and start your free trial HERE on CETV, a platform we created to help combat internet censorship and allow us to continue to do our work and get the word out about various issues and topics.

    Would it not have been serving to have seen this happen already? A vaccine discussion, between two sides with different perspectives. Made available for everyone to see in a big way – perhaps through mainstream media. Sure, Dershowitz and Kennedy are not physicians, they are lawyers by trade. However, just like it can happen for you, me or anyone else, you are able to read studies, explore research, understand how a vaccine works and what’s in it. You can then gain an educated perspective about vaccines.

    You are also able to listen to the testimony of doctors, nurses, and families who all have something to say about vaccines. You are able to listen to testimony from whistleblowers like William Thompson at the CDC who stated quite clearly that the CDC was manipulating data to show the MMR vaccine was safe when in fact the data clearly indicated it was heavily linked to a much higher rate of autism in boys.

    The point is, it doesn’t take a doctor, who doesn’t learn a whole lot about vaccines anyway, to have an educated and intelligent discussion about vaccines. The data is the data, the research is the research.

    Prior to this, numerous physicians have declined to debate Robert F Kennedy Jr. on this topic publicly. They would cancel the night before the debate. But this time, Dershowitz went for it.

    Below is the entire discussion, and it’s well worth the watch to hear multiple perspectives. As it always should be, YOU decide. I mean, should governments and big tech really be deciding which information you should see and don’t see? How about  Fact checkers, should they have the power to decide what you see?

    It’s humbling to remember that you once did not know the things you know today. Yet sometimes many of us judge and condemn others who do not yet know what we currently know. Why?  Would it be serving to simply share information with others, with no authority or worry about how they will react but simply with love and see what happens.

    I feel like I’ve written this statement in so many of the recent articles I’ve written: “We’re in a time where so much truth about how our world really functions behind the scenes is coming to the surface.” When people learn about this stuff, they feel they are ‘in the know” and one thing I’ve noticed since I started Collective Evolution 11 years ago, is that many in the community of ‘seeking truth’ seem to become judgemental of those who aren’t seeking the same thing or who don’t agree. It’s common to get caught up in the feeling or judgement that we might be better than others because we might be a little more aware or evolved in certain ways.

    “I can’t believe that person still does that or thinks that way, man, they are so dense or 3D.” someone might say while snickering and hating on people.

    “Look at these stupid sheep who know nothing about what’s going on in the world! Go back to your 9-5 job and just shut up!” says someone who judges the way someone sees the current world.

    The truth is, YES, some of us do evolve in our awareness a little quicker, and we may see things a little differently. YES, some of us do start to figure out what’s going on in the world a little faster than others. But does that make you better? Does that make you step into a state of judgement? How does it feel to view people as ‘sheep’? Do you notice you feel good? Loving? Free? Connected to others? Do you feel you could look at others in the eye and see the inherent loving connection that exists between you and them? Or is it clouded by the identification with ego because truthfully, in these moments, you are still asleep?

    All the journey of having some of us awaken a little quicker provides is brother and sister souls with the opportunity to learn from one another about what’s going on so we can all evolve and change this world together in the end.

    So again we reflect, did you once not know something that now you judge someone for? Have people done this to you? How do these things feel?  Does it help us to beat people up emotionally when they don’t have the same understandings as us? Do people not seem crazy and angry when they get mad at others who don’t understand truths? Is this going to help them awaken? Or shy away from this information?

    I want to be clear, there is no right or wrong here. One isn’t ‘the nice thing to do’ and the other ‘the mean thing to do.’ I’m not telling you what to do. I suggesting you search within yourself and find the answer. I’m bringing forth the idea of questioning how each of these experiences feel and then seeing which one you truly align with more.

    The choice is ours as to how we act, but when the world doesn’t change and people wonder what’s going on, I often point to the fact that many people are waiting angrily and judgementally for the world to change, yet they are only adding to the problem by holding onto those emotions and staying plugged into a story of separation.

    Isn’t it possible that given your polarity towards these people you are creating the need for them to reflect the opposite polarity back to you until you can activate your awareness enough to see the neutrality in things? To see that yes, this is happening, but by coloring it with your emotion and creating divides by judging others you are doing precisely what the deep state does in creating divide as it is all the same level of consciousness.

    Awareness of self, the true self, beyond the ego, is the key to awakening to and creating a new reality. Yes, learning about the various forms of ‘corruption’ or societal manipulation, that is obviously happening, is helpful in opening the door for many to start to question their reality. And it also gives us a reason, when we are less aware, to begin exploring the desire for change, but are we truly awake and free if we are still tied down and plugged into the polarity of the world we are working to change?

    Can our reality really change if we are just operating from the same mindset and egoic state of being but with slightly different beliefs? If it can change, is it true and deep change? Would we truly be free? Can we access our highest potential when in anger and judgement?

    See how it feels, explore these questions within yourself.

    Going Deeper

    I’ve created many materials over the past few years including a conscious breathing course and a personal transformation course designed to simply slow life down and get more in tune with yourself. Neither of these courses are huge commitments and are approachable, ‘level 1’ like, approaches to seeing a different side of yourself – your true self. Utilize these tools if it resonates with you. Both are available in our inner circle called CETV.

    Inside our inner circle, you will have access to powerful information, guided programs, and a community all geared towards being informed about what’s happening in our world, and how you can truly engage in a guided journey of personal transformation so that you can be a change-maker our world truly needs at this time. You’ll be inspired by how many likeminded people inside are ready to share in this journey.

    If you choose to sign up, try my 10 Day Conscious Breathing Challenge and the 5 Days of You Challenge.

    What Happened: The Physicians For Informed Consent (PIC) recently published a report titled “Physicians for Informed Consent (PIC) Compares COVID-19 to Previous Seasonal and Pandemic Flu Periods.” In their article, they stated the following:

    The public has been made aware of the number of COVID-19 deaths and reported cases that have occurred since the beginning of the current pandemic; however, the number of unreported cases has not been widely known or publicized. Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that more than one-third of SARS-CoV-2 (the coronavirus that can lead to COVID-19) infections are asymptomatic, meaning that initial estimations of its severity were grossly overestimated. Now, for the first time, Physicians for Informed Consent (PIC) has collated data from U.S. antibody studies and produced an educational document outlining how an accurate case-fatality rate (CFR) requires antibody studies in order to guide and measure medical care and public health policies.

    Similar to CDC estimations, PIC’s analysis results in a COVID-19 CFR of 0.26%, which is comparable to the CFRs of previous seasonal and pandemic flu periods. “Knowing the CFR of COVID-19 allows for an objective standard by which to compare both non-pharmaceutical interventions and medical countermeasures,” said Dr. Shira Miller, PIC’s founder and president. “For example, safety studies of any potential COVID-19 vaccine should be able to prove whether or not the risks of the vaccine are less than the risks of the infection.

    “Regardless of proof of safety, however, a potential COVID-19 vaccine should only be voluntary, in order to safeguard a patient’s human right to determine what will happen with his or her body,” said Dr. Miller.

    You can view the PIC’s educational document assessing COVID-19 severity and how they came to their conclusion, here.

    Who are the PIC? They are a group of doctors and academics from around the world who have come together to support informed consent when it comes to mandatory vaccine measures. Their information is based on science. Their mission is to deliver data on infectious diseases and vaccines, and to unite doctors, scientists, healthcare professionals, attorneys, and families who support voluntary vaccinations. Their vision is that doctors and the public are able to evaluate the data on infectious diseases and vaccines objectively and voluntarily engage in informed decision-making about vaccination.

    They are not the only ones in the ‘academic world’ who make the point that COVID-19 perceptions of danger and numbers are unsubstantiated. For example, John P. A. Ioannidis, a professor of medicine and epidemiology at Stanford University has said that the infection fatality rate is close to 0 percent for people under the age of 45 years old, explaining how that number rises significantly for people who are older, as with most other respiratory viruses. You can read more about that and access that here. In fact, not long ago a study published by several academics from the Stanford School of Medicine suggests that COVID-19 has a similar infection fatality rate as seasonal influenza, you can read more about that and access the study here.

    The mainstream media has also addressed the low case fatality rate, warning the public not to be compliant.

    Why This Is Important

    This is important because the data validates what many doctors have been emphasizing from the beginning of the lockdown, that the new coronavirus is being made out to be far more dangerous than it actually is. This is the opinion of many, not a consensus. As a result, many scientists were extremely confused, and still are, at the measures that multiple governments have taken. For example, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, a specialist in microbiology and one of the most cited research scientists in German history, was one of them. (source) There seem to be dozens upon dozens of doctors and scientists raising the same ideas.

    Doctors and scientists of such a prestigious background with decades of experience in the field have been censored and silenced by multiple social media platform for sharing their opinion and research, simply because it opposes the narrative that’s being put out by organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations, for example. YouTube has flat out said that it’s censoring any information that contradicts the WHO.

    It’s understandable why so many people are confused. On one hand you have mainstream media outlets reporting an overwhelming amount of dead bodies that have to be carted away in freezer trucks, and on the other hand you have a number of scientists and doctors letting people know that we are dealing something that we’ve been dealing with for decades, just another non-severe respiratory virus. Complimenting that is “fact checkers” that are going around blindly upholding the government and health agency narrative. In reality, they are censoring different perspectives, not fact checking.

    Other factors are also confusing, like the fact that deaths are being attributed to Covid that are not a result of it.

    Did you know that metapneumovirus has been shown to have worldwide circulation with nearly universal infection by age 5? We are talking billions of people. Did you know that outbreaks of metapneumovirus have been well documented every single year, especially in long term care facilities with mortality rates of up to 50%? (source) Did you know that human metapneumovirus infection results in a large number of hospitalizations of children every single year? Did you know nearly 1-2 million children every single year die of these types of respiratory illnesses because they lead to acute respiratory illness? Imagine if the infection rates and death numbers were constantly tracked, and put on an easy to access website, mainstream media, radio etc… Imagine if the other coronaviruses and respiratory illnesses that are more severe in some cases, and arguably more infectious in some cases were subjected to constant monitoring and beamed out to the population every single minute, could you imagine the fear and hysteria?

    Are fear and hysteria being used as a marketing tool for a vaccine?

    What about Edward Snowden’s thoughts about the under-discussed consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and how it’s being used to take away more human rights?

    Here’s a recent Instagram post I came across from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

    The Takeaway

    Right now, and we seem to see the same thing with other major global events, there seems to be a great divide amongst the population with regards to what is going on. How dangerous is the virus is? Are receiving the correct information from not only our federal, state, and provincial health authorities but the WHO as well?

    This divide was further expressed by the collective reaction to lockdown and other mandated measures that have been put in place. There are simply a growing number of people who do not agree with the actions governments have taken to combat Covid, and many of them are doctors, scientists, and people who have some sort of expertise in this area.

    The point is, we are not obligated to listen to our government. Although it seems that way sometimes, “obey or be punished”, the ultimate power lies with the people. We as a collective choose what direction we go, and right now many of us are simply choosing to follow, obey, not question, and be wary of the ones who are asking questions. This is OK, this path is not wrong, but how does it feel to simply follow narratives that you don’t know are true? Why are so many others questioning and backing up their conclusions with facts? What world is created out of blind acceptance of anything?

    Furthermore, the emergence of a digital “fact-checker” going around the internet that’s censoring the opinions and research of some experts in the field simply serves as a catalyst for many to also question what is going on here. The fact checks, in many cases, become so ridiculous that people are now realizing that the information that is fact checked is often the information to reflect on.

    One thing is for certain, the coronavirus has served as a great catalyst for more people to start questioning what they’re told, and to seek out information for themselves. For quite a long time, we haven’t really been thinking for ourselves, instead we’ve let “the corporation” do that for us. This is why we are seeing the emergence of so much information that continues to contradict what we are being told.

    We have so much potential as a human race, and to come closer to accessing that potential, a great step would begin asking deeper and better questions about what we’re told. We can do this by gathering different perspectives as opposed to s simply one from mainstream media.

    Reflect, is participating in our current political process helping us thrive? Or are we simply giving our power away to a system that is full of what we call corruption and that doesn’t have our best interests at hand?

    Our current system was created from a level of consciousness that we as humans are evolving beyond. This is why so many are feeling a desire to look for new ideas and ways of seeing things, because our current ways no longer resonate with our being, we are simply doing them out of. habit and unconsciousness.

    In order to create a new system, you can’t do it from the same level of consciousness we are at now or else we will only create more of the same thing. If we want change, might we create it when we as individuals operate from a greater sense of awareness and inclusiveness, a higher state of consciousness? Might we create it from a place of peace, understanding, and non-judgement as opposed to ego consciousness and polarity?

    At the end of the day no matter what is happening, we are all united in our desire to see humanity thrive.

    No matter what country you’re in, France, the UK,  Japan, India, or Canada, you are surrounded by it at any given moment. The latest sale, the hottest new look, the ideal body, the only way to ‘fit in’. This overtly westernized image of beauty has become the international standard through the influence of clever marketing and advertising schemes. We are taught that in order to fit into the globalized culture we must fully embrace the western body.


    Sadly, lighter-colored skin is considered the ideal image of beauty in most countries that contain darker skinned people. The use of skin lightening creams are rampant throughout these countries, pulling in billions of dollars every year. The majority of these products work by eliminating the production of melanin, the natural pigment found in our skin. The global market for skin lighteners will reach a staggering is worth billions of dollars.. But the use of these products don’t come without dangerous risks.

    Skin lightening products are estimated to bring in $20 billion by 2018.

    Hydroquinone, a common topical ingredient found in skin lightening creams has been shown to cause leukemia in mice and other animals. The European Union even banned the ingredient in cosmetics in 2001, although it can now be prescribed by a doctor.

    In Korea and other Asian countries, blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, has become the most common cosmetic procedure. The idea is to create a look that makes the eyes appear more open, similar to the shape of Caucasian eyes. If you look at the models and Anime characters portrayed in Asian magazines and advertisements, it is easy to see the exaggerated size of their eyes and the influence this has on the population.

    Eyelid surgery, known as blepharoplasty, is the most common cosmetic procedure in Asian countries.

    Self-Love = No Profit For Beauty Industry

    Where do these beauty ideals stem from? The sad part is that the desire to look a certain way doesn’t come from the men and women themselves, it is often imposed on them from the mass media and society at large. Why? Because insecure people make better consumers.

    And this isn’t just a female related issue either, men face the same bombardment of chiseled models and beefy sports super-heroes every day. There is a market pin-pointed for every faction of the population.

    In truth, if someone were completely happy and confident with how they felt and looked, they wouldn’t feel the need to wear makeup, do their hair, dress fashionable, or pay for expensive and invasive surgeries. These industries would all fail, and this is something they know.

    This is why the big companies spend billions on advertising every year. This is why the westernized standard for perfection is pushed in everyone’s faces day-in and day-out. And this is exactly why we need to put an end to these standards.

    The Illusionists is a documentary coming out this year that aims to raise awareness around the vanity-insanity issue currently plaguing our world. Their 4 minute teaser has been going viral around the web and for good reason, I think the timing of this message couldn’t be any more imperative. We can’t wait for the conversation around westernized beauty standards to be at the forefront of international discourse.

    What Happened: The interview below, conducted by Journeyman Pictures, features Erin Marie Olszewski. Olszewski is a nurse who became an investigative journalist after experiencing and witnessing some confusing events that took place regarding the new coronavirus in the hospitals where she was working. This includes patients being neglected, deaths being attributed to COVID-19 when they were not a result of the virus, and other strange happenings like putting susceptible sick people who did not have the coronavirus in the same area as all of the people who did, and much more.

    During the pandemic, she worked at two hospitals. One private and one public, in Florida and in New York. The hospital where she worked in New York was called Elmhurst in Queens, and it’s considered the “epicenter of the epicenter” of the outbreak. Her experiences inside of the hospitals give her a very interesting perspective of what’s been going on, and it inspired and affected her so much that she decided to quit and become an investigative journalist. It’s just another person added to the list that is seeing something completely different than what we’ve been told, and what we are being told.

    The interview is a bit outdated and took place last month. It’s reached well over one million views and one of many videos that Journeyman Pictures has put out with some interesting people that have received a lot of attention. I just came across it, which is why I am sharing it now because I know there are still a few people out there who will be interested in this.

    Alternative media is so important because no matter how much evidence and examples exist to prove something, if the narrative threatens the official stance that’s beamed out by mainstream media and the World Health Organization (WHO), it’s usually deemed as false or just ridiculed and labeled a conspiracy theory.

    This is concerning, especially when it comes to COVID-19 because many doctors, scientists, and epidemiologists have had their research and opinion completely censored, especially by social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. YouTube recently admitted that any information that contradicts the WHO will be taken down, no matter who it comes from. Again, we’ve seen this happen to some of the world’s leading scientists in this area.

    Is it right to have what I call a digital authoritarian Orwellian “fact-checker” patrolling the internet? Should people not have the right to examine information openly and freely, and decide for themselves what they chose to believe instead of being told what is correct and what isn’t correct?

    What’s really going on here? These are important and OK questions to ask. Many people still don’t want to travel down that road. Are we living in a time where even questioning something is greeted with a harsh reaction? Why are we so offended all of the time? Why are we so closed off to perspectives that are not shared by the mainstream media? Why are we so sheltered from these perspectives? Is it because these perspectives completely dismantle many people’s perception of how our world really works?

    Why This Matters

    I found it interesting when she provided information suggesting that COVID-19 deaths were not accurate, in that people who don’t die as a result of the virus were being counted in the death count. This correlated with a lot of other information that’s surfaced with regard to this. For example, Toronto Public Health tweeted in late June that “Individuals who have died with COVID-19, but not as a result of COVID-19, are included in the case counts for COVID-19 deaths in Toronto.” There are multiple examples from multiple countries and states. If interested, you can read more about that in this article as it goes into more detail.

    What’s interesting is that it’s not just Olszewski. Many nurses, doctors, scientists, epidemiologists, and pathologists have all raised concerns about this pandemic hinting towards foul play, and this interview is simply another great example.

    Perspectives on the pandemic like this, again, are not really well known when it comes to the mainstream collective mind. This is why alternative media is so important, and it’s also why there has been a massive censorship campaign of media outlets like ours. We’ve been demonetized and our social media reach is constantly limited due to the restrictions that Facebook puts on our page.

    This is why we started CETV, a platform that’s independent and not reliant on social media posting. We created it in an attempt to keep doing what we are doing and continue to have the ability to do so. It’s how you can support us so we can continue to bring awareness to information like this.

    The Takeaway

    We are living in a world where mainstream media literally beams their perception of events in the consciousness of people through television programming. Simultaneously, a massive ridicule campaign combined with censorship ensues when it comes to information that threatens that narrative, the narrative portrayed by the select few mainstream media outlets, who have been exposed as mouthpieces for powerful corporations, governments, and intelligence agencies, that is.

    Why are people who expose information always punished? Alternative media outlets are being punished and people like Julian Assange are in jail for exposing crimes against humanity by powerful people, governments, and corporations. How is it that this is happening, is it because we identify with those who are committing these crimes against humanity? Is it because the ones doing it always seem to do it under the guise of goodwill and necessity?

    Human beings are good, moral, ethical creatures. The environment that shapes us and our consciousness, however, has been influenced by an extreme amount of manipulation. The only way to drive us into certain measures is to make us believe we are doing it for the good of not only ourselves but for others as well.

    We have to ask ourselves, are the measures we are being forced into actually effective? Is this really about the virus or are governments using the coronavirus for ulterior motives?

    At the end of the day, the amount of fraud, corruption, and deceit that seems to be exposed every month within these governments, corporations, and federal/world health organizations is quite clear for those who are willing to take a look. This begs the question, why do we continue to listen, obey, and follow? Why are we constantly relying on a small group of elite people to decide the direction of the human race and what we should do with our lives? Why do we keep voting and upholding a system that is clearly outdated and serves no real purpose?

    What Happened: As the Jeffrey Epstein saga continues to move forward, even more controversy is surrounding the case similar to when Jeffrey Epstein apparently killed himself. The latest news is that the son of a US judge, Esther Salas, who was overseeing a lawsuit against Deutsche Bank that has had financial dealings with Jeffrey Epstein, was shot and killed in his home by a man wearing a FedEx uniform named Den Hollander. The husband of Judge Esther Salas was also shot but survived his injuries.

    The FBI is currently investigating. The latest news is that, apparently, it was an attorney who committed the crime, and this attorney who is now the suspected shooter has been found dead of gunshot wounds in a vehicle in Rockland, New York. According to RT, the wounds were apparently self-inflicted.  Furthermore, the suspected shooter is reportedly an attorney whose case was heard by Salas in 2015. Perhaps this incident had nothing to do with Epstein? Perhaps it did. When things like this happen, you can guarantee it’s going to be nearly impossible to get the truth, similar to what we saw with regards to the ‘suicide’ of Jeffrey Epstein.

    There are so many people implicated in the activity that Jeffrey Epstein was involved in. And based on my research, it’s a lot deeper than anything that’s coming out into the mainstream. There are links later in the article if you want to learn more.

    As far as the lawsuit, the plaintiffs are looking for compensation for price losses that were supposedly caused by violations of US securities laws. Deutsche Bank stands accused of making false and misleading statements about its anti-money laundering practices before it was fined $150 million (€133 million) for compliance failures related to Epstein earlier this month.

    A Deutsche Bank spokesperson did not want to comment on the new legal action because of ongoing legal proceedings.

    “It was a mistake to accept Jeffrey Epstein as a customer in 2013,” said a company spokesman following the fine. (source)

    Why would this Bank do business with a convicted pedophile?

    Why This Is Important

    The main reason I am covering this story is simply to bring attention to the huge problem of child sex trafficking, murder and ritual abuse among elite level people. It’s a big topic, and if  you want to dive into some more research to really get a decent scope on how big this issue is, I published an article a few months ago that goes a lot deeper.

    Also, we have conducted an interview with a survivor of elite child sex trafficking/slavery. You can access the full interview and start your free trial HERE on CETV, a platform we created to help combat internet censorship and allow us to continue to do our work and get the word out about various issues and topics, simply because, again, we are being heavily censored and demonetized. We rely on the support of the people.

    Her name is  Anneke Lucas is an author, speaker, advocate for child sex trafficking victims, founder of the non-profit organization Liberation Prison Yoga, and creator of the Unconditional Model. Her work is based on her 30-year journey to restore her mental and physical wellbeing after surviving some of the worst atrocities known to humankind before the age of 12. Sold as a young child into a murderous pedophile network by her family, she was rescued after nearly six years of abuse and torture.

    The Takeaway

    We are living in a day in age where it’s best to keep an open mind, because a lot of information is making its way into the mainstream that is really challenging long held belief systems when it comes to how our world works. When it comes to child-trafficking, it’s no surprise that it takes place inside the walls of the Buckingham Palace, the Vatican, and in other places of power like big politics and finance. These places, and other organizations that we choose to give our power away to are starting to crumble, and that’s because they’re starting to be seen for what they really are, institutions that parade around under the guise of good will when they don’t represent that at all.

    At the end of the day, the systems we have chosen to govern us clearly don’t work. It’s a system full of lies, greed and corruption and it’s no longer serving humanity. It’s one that protects the few at the expense of many. We need to evolve pass these archaic ways that hinder us from utilizing and implementing solutions to multiple issues our planet faces. We have so much potential.

    The more we see, the more we realize that it might not be the greatest idea to let others create the human experience for us and decide what direction  the human race chooses to go. Why are a small group of people making all of the big decisions on the planet. Why can’t we decide? Why do we agree to be governed in ways that don’t resonate with us? Can we do better? What’s really going on here? Are those whom we ‘elect’ really moral/ethical and empathetic people who deeply care about the planet and all life on it? The ones engaged in child-trafficking and pedophilia are probably not the best choice.

    So while humanity may feel as though they are voting for the pawn, perhaps they actually choose the pawn, perhaps they do not, the fact of the matter is, those who influence that pawn are the ones who make decisions, not the people. The people are not represented. This is a very important realization coming to humanity’s consciousness at this time as we begin to realize we are giving our power away through unconsciousness and a lack of knowledge, to others who are playing the role of not carrying out what’s in our ‘best interest.’ – Joe Martino 

    It’s time to wake up and go beyond knowing information like this. The key to it all is moving forward in your life from a place of peace. You cannot create a peaceful experience, and help spread a message of peace if you yourself are not at peace. Humanity must create, be in health care, technology, or government, from a place of peace and an elevated state of consciousness. One that cares for all and sees all life as interconnected.

    There’s no secret: truths about corruption involving high profile government officials, politicians, high profile people, and agencies is coming to the surface like crazy right now. It’s in humanity’s awareness more so than ever before. This piece is not so much about exploring the validity of everything coming to the surface, but how it often makes people react and feel.

    As these truths come forward people often have resentment or anger towards situations or ‘elite’ figures that are taking various actions that affect our society. Could be pedophilia, planned economic collapses, political lies or any number of things. We often believe we are ‘awake’ once we know these truths, and in some ways, yes, our consciousness and awareness has expanded. But the anger, resentment and rage that people often have and hold onto, not only keeps us asleep, plugged into ‘the old world’ but it also acts as a slow poison that is affecting our health and minds every day. Further, in this anger and resentment, we have a difficult time truly connecting to good ideas and solutions to move beyond the state of the world as it is today, because anger clouds who we truly are and the potential we have.

    I’ve witnessed it hundreds of times over the past 11 years in doing this world, after this anger, resentment and judgement becomes tiring and draining, people want to know how they can TRULY be free – not just in the world, but within themselves. This is when the deep awakening begins to happen. This is when our power comes back.

    One note before we continue. When anger initially rises, this is OK. It’s not wrong that this appeared. It’s simply a feedback mechanism as to where we identify and why. I don’t wish to create a perception that feeling anger is wrong or that you should never feel it. My goal is instead to get us to reflect on whether a prolonged feeling of anger is where we want to be. And whether or not we are truly free if we can get pulled into anger so easily.

    People have been providing me a great deal of feedback lately during these confusing and intense times.. They ask “how do you stay so calm and grounded during all of this? Your content is bringing me peace and not making me afraid. How do you do this?” I enjoy hearing that because it means people can see and feel something different, and in that example, they are inspired. Being in an empowered state is the key to changing our current worldly state, and the more people who tune into their desire to truly be free and empowered, the more we will move towards change. After all, this is our natural state we are waking up to.

    The reason why so many have a tough time finding calm, peace and KNOWING what the solutions are to move forward, breaks down into multiple categories:

    1. They are angry at the state of the world, and do not work to ask why

    2. The media they watch and the influencers they follow are often polarized and telling them who the bad guys are and why they should blame them for everything.

    3. They are not simply observing events around us and using that information to make decisions on how to act, they are instead observing and becoming emotionally charged and stuck.

    4. They remain identified with the unconscious: their mind, their thoughts, their body and who they think they are as a physical specimen only. There is not enough time spent in the ‘awareness; that they are.

    5. They repeat the cycles of being in the above environments, effectively producing the same result over and over.

    Now, let’s talk about #2 for a second. Are certain people taking certain actions that affect other people in a ‘bad’ way? Yes, that can be observed, very clearly. The trick is, are you giving away all of your power to those people by being angry, upset and wanting to fight them? Or are you choosing a path of empowerment where you:

    1. Create awareness from a space of neutrality, which allows you to be free, and respond instead of reacting.

    2. Getting clear on what you want your world to look like

    3. Begin shifting your own inner state of being to know things differently and align with the energy and actions of the world you want to create.

    4. Live that new state of being and invite others to do so as well

    When you create awareness about things happening in our world, if you are doing it from anger, judgement, blame or resentment, your power IS going to those taking these actions, and you will experience suffering in the mind. In THAT single moment of learning of something, your ability to change it is not there, change will occur as you take action over MANY consecutive moments. Thus, acceptance of each individual moment for what it is, as opposed to resisting what is, will allow you to find peace and calm, and tap into the true solutions and ability to effectively respond that are within you when you are in this state. Within our matrix, when we remain fully in our minds, and not in tune with who we truly are, thus remaining polarized, we create a need for the opposite polarity you are operating from.

    It’s like the movie The Matrix states, “Free your mind.” This means to become limitless, boundless and in tune with who you truly are, not stuck in our emotions, distracted, erratic and upset. Notice Neo’s character in the movie is a very calm and peaceful presence when he tunes into his full potential. He is able to make an impact on what they are desiring to change because he has moved beyond that which was limiting him.

    If we reflect quickly on the feedback I shared above, where people feel calm, peace and empowered yet still informed and ready to take action after viewing my content, we can ask: what experience do we want? One where we are angry and repeating cycles of fight, slowly harming ourselves and not being clear on solutions? Or one where we are informed, empowered and ready to take action on creating a new world?

    Yes, it takes some work and focus to get back to your natural state. One must spend time being the awareness that they truly are. Spending less time identifying with all of the thoughts and compulsive desires that come from the mind, and more time simply in the awareness of who we truly are. This IS how you change yourself and the world and the quantum level which informs the physical level. And while some people do feel that prolonged anger changes the world, has it ever really doe that? Or has it only created a slightly different experience but with many of the same unconscious qualities?

    Are we thriving? Is their peace? Are people awake to who they truly are? Are they offended and triggered easily? Yes. This is because we have yet to truly awaken, and awakening only truly occurs when we step back into who we truly are.

    How Do We Get There?

    Moving past the anger is about creating freedom within ourselves. It’s a different state of mind and being. Instead of having yourself be triggered by things all the time, we are aware and have the freedom to choose how we wish to respond to something as opposed to erratically reacting. I explain this further via my Shift Method.

    Spend time being conscious of your breath. Take some deep. breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Simply focus on that breathing. Do this for 10 minutes, 15 minutes. How do you feel? What do you notice?

    Disconnect from social media, news and stories for a day or so. Do you feel different? How so? What do you notice?

    Reflect on how it feels to be enraged and angry by what people say. Does it make you feel good? Is it draining your energy? Is it helping to change things? Do people respond better to your ideas when you’re angry or when you are calm and open?

    I’ve created may materials of the past few years including a conscious breathing course and a personal transformation course designed to simply slow life down and get more in tune with yourself. Neither of these courses are huge commitments and approachable, ‘level 1’ like approaches to seeing a different side of yourself – your true self. Utilize these tools if it resonates with you. Both are available in our inner circle called CETV.

    Inside our inner circle, you will have access to powerful information, guided programs, and a community all geared towards being informed about what’s happening in our world, and how you can truly engage in a guided journey of personal transformation so that you can be a changemaker our world truly needs at this time. You’ll be inspired by how many likeminded people inside are ready to share in this journey.

    If you choose to sign up, try my 10 Day Conscious Breathing Challenge and the 5 Days of You Challenge.

    I was listening to a video on Twitter today showing a speech Kanye West was giving to an audience during an event to promote his presidential candidacy. Let me first say that many things he said I felt were incomplete ideas, but with Kanye, you also get his experience, and he’s not afraid to talk about it. During the speech, he began talking about how the people who truly run Hollywood, the music industry and even the world, are not people you know, they are not people you see or elect.

    This is true. We know this to be true in many ways. Even simply through common observation of how capitalism drives political policy, i.e. people with the most money are able to impact political direction through the pawns known as politicians – this includes the presidents and prime ministers.

    “Imagine, you are living in a world that you are told is a democracy – and you may even believe it – but in fact your life and fate is in the hands of a few ultra-rich, ultra-powerful and ultra-inhuman oligarchs. They may be called Deep State, or simply the Beast, or anything else obscure or untraceable – it doesn’t matter. They are less than the 0.0001%.” (Peter Koenig, July 2020)

    So while humanity may feel as though they are voting for the pawn, perhaps they actually choose the pawn, perhaps they do not, the fact of the matter is, those who influence that pawn are the ones who make decisions, not the people. The people are not represented. This is a very important realization coming to humanity’s consciousness at this time as we begin to realize we are giving our power away through unconsciousness and a lack of knowledge, to others who are playing the role of not carrying out what’s in our ‘best interest.’

    This in essence creates a world where human potential is limited in terms of societal structures. Further, we have the suppression of human consciousness by design. This means humanity is consistently reminded that they are not powerful, they are simply a mind, the color of their skin, the country they come from etc. The more society encourages people to identify in this way, the more they slip into consciousness and have their potential limited. We ALWAYS have the choice to step out of the frame of mind and being, but when we aren’t even aware it exists, social engineering to keep us there can become very impactful.

    Thus, humanity is in the first leg of a process of awakening to true self.  This begins with what I call “Breaking The Illusion.” This is where we snap out of the social engineering spell we are under, begin to question those in positions of political power, their actions and whether they are truly serving us. This process begins to bring light to corruption and forms of manipulation to hide these truths from the masses.

    I cover this process in much more detail in my Shift Method here.

    This process all deeply relates to how what is taking place in our world today is providing a ripe environment to begin asking deeper questions and expanding our minds understand to how our reality truly functions.

    COVID-19 Economic & Social Impacts

    In the video below we will explore a more ‘every day’ way of viewing how COVID-19 lockdowns are impacting society and the economy, and how this may be a perfect design for an economic takeover by those high up in positions of power. Keep in mind, to truly unlock human potential, our economy will have to shift. The way we currently operate does not create a thriving situation for humanity. So when people talk about not shutting down the economy for a virus, they are still wishing to identify with the current system at hand, which must evolve. Perhaps this process is part of how we can let go of our attachment to such systems, and re-imagine new ones vs simply accepting what we have.

    Michel Chossudovsky interviews Economist and Geopolitical analyst Peter Koenig on the Global Research Report. Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a former World Bank staff member and worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He was also a consultant for the WHO.

    What Happened: A study published last month in Frontiers in Numerology titled “Quercetin and Vitamin C: An Experimental, Synergistic Therapy for the Prevention and Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 Related Disease (COVID-19)” concluded the following:

    Quercetin displays a broad range of antiviral properties which can interfere at multiple steps of pathogen virulence -virus entry, virus replication, protein assembly- and that these therapeutic effects can be augmented by the co-administration of vitamin C. Furthermore, due to their lack of severe side effects and low-costs, we strongly suggest the combined administration of these two compounds for both the prophylaxis and the early treatment of respiratory tract infections, especially including COVID-19 patients.

    Quercetin is a plant pigment (flavonoid). It is found in many plants and foods, like onions, green tea, apples, berries, American elder, and many others others. Buckwheat tea also has a large amount of quercetin. The study explains:

    Quercetin (also known as 3,3′,4′5,7-pentahydroxyflavone) is a widely distributed plant flavonoid, found in several vegetables, leaves, seeds, and grains, where it is conjugated with residual sugars to form quercetin glycosides (8). Studies suggest that quercetin supplementation may promote antioxidant (9), anti-inflammatory, antiviral (10), and immunoprotective effects (11). Quercetin has been studied in various types and models of viral infection due to its promising antiviral effects in inhibiting polymerases (12), proteases (13), reverse transcriptase (14), suppressing DNA gyrase, and binding viral capsid proteins (1516).

    As far as vitamin C goes, this is not the only study or article to recommend its use when it comes to treating COVID-19. For example, Medicine in Drug Discovery, of Elsevier, a major scientific publishing house, recently published an article on early and high-dose IVC in the treatment and prevention of Covid-19. The article was written by Dr. Richard Cheng, MD, PhD, a US board-certified anti-aging specialist, from Shanghai, China. Dr. Cheng served in the United States Army as a commissioned officer (Major) and an Army physician.

    In his article, he states the following:

    High-dose intravenous VC has also been successfully used in the treatment of 50 moderate to severe COVID-19 patients in China. The doses used varied between 2 g and 10 g per day, given over a period of 8–10 h. Additional VC bolus may be required among patients in critical conditions. The oxygenation index was improving in real time and all the patients eventually cured and were discharged. In fact, high-dose VC has been clinically used for several decades and a recent NIH expert panel document states clearly that this regimen (1.5 g/kg body weight) is safe and without major adverse events.

    According to the new study:

    Vitamin C exerts its antiviral properties by supporting lymphocyte activity, increasing interferon-α production, modulating cytokines, reducing inflammation, improving endothelial dysfunction, and restoring mitochondrial function (46). There are also suggestions that vitamin C may be directly viricidal (7). These in vitro effects, as we previously discussed (2), constitute a reflection of both the supra-physiological concentrations of ascorbate and the interaction between vitamin C and metal-containing culture media—both of which are pro-oxidant, generating reactive oxygen species.

    Obviously the study goes into more details, and potential limitations etc. So be sure to read it for more detail if you’re interested.

    The New York post also reported that multiple hospitals in the state were using it and seeing great results. You can read more about that here.

    With all of this information emerging, and its continual emergence, mainstream media and fact-checkers began early on claiming that vitamin C can’t really do anything for COVID-19, and that it’s false to suggest it could or that it does. For example, an article published by LiveScience, a mainstream science website claimed that “Vitamin C is extremely unlikely to help people fight off the new coronavirus.”

    We are starting to see that this narrative may not be true. So who is fact checking the fact checkers? Why is there an authoritarian fact checker going around patrolling the internet? Is it really to combat misinformation, or to target those sharing information that opposes the given narrative? Edward Snowden, among others, have expressed that governments are using the pandemic to impose more authoritarian measures upon the population without our consent that will remain in place long after the pandemic, similar to the measures that were put in place after 9/11.

    Do you think this is true? Why do governments mandate, and not recommend? Is their reasoning sound?

    Why This Is Important

    In an ideal world during such a pandemic any substance showing promise for treating or curing a disease would be explored by all countries, governments and health organizations around the world, together, openly, and transparently. We have created a world that prevents this from happening, and instead of doing what’s right, our health authorities choose what will be the most profitable and as a result, we don’t end up doing what’s right. Instead, what we see is a massive ridicule campaign about anything showing promise, while simultaneously continue to get hammered with the idea that things can’t be how they were before until we get a vaccine. That being said, do we want to go back to how things were before, or do we want something better? 

    Are rouge interests taking control of what’s going on here, similar to when a number of CDC scientists told the world that these interests dominate these organizations?

    The Takeaway

    Why do we keep listening to the advice of government health authorities when a large and growing number of people don’t trust their information and medical mandates? With so many examples of fraud and corruption, and shutting down the idea that substances other than a vaccine can actually work, what is really going on here? If there’s one great thing this pandemic has done, it’s been to serve as another catalyst for the mass awakening of humanity.

    We are having a New Moon in Cancer on July 20th/21st, depending on where you are located in the world. This is initiating a 29.5-day Lunar cycle and a new wave of energy for the coming month, however, its themes will be strongest over the following 2 weeks. This cycle will peak with a Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3rd/4th.

    This New Moon is the second consecutive one in Cancer, with the previous one being a Solar Eclipse on the Solstice a month earlier. This usually doesn’t happen unless the first one occurs at the beginning of a sign on the cusp. In that case the following New Moon will occur at the end of the sign, also on the cusp. This is because the Lunar Cycle is slightly shorter than the amount of days that the Sun is in a sign and therefore consecutive New Moons are gradually shifting to an earlier position of the next sign.

    This is also the first regular lunation after three back to back eclipses, however, the energies of these previous eclipses will still play out over the coming months as part of the backdrop of the other astrological configurations. You can read more about them here if you haven’t already.

    Mercury Retrograde (also in Cancer) recently ended on July 12th as we are in the post-shadow until July 26th along with Venus’ post-shadow concluding on July 29th. These recent months have been a time of adjustments in certain areas of life connected to these energies and now we are in the conclusion phase of this process. You can read more about these retrogrades here.

    New Moon In Cancer Opposite Saturn In Capricorn

    We have been in Cancer season for nearly a month, however, this New Moon is going to extend its themes into the following Leo season. As a water sign, Cancer is associated with emotion, feelings, and intuition. It is about nurturing, sensitivity, bonding, family, domestic life, security, comforts, and nostalgia. It is instinctual and protective yet can also be insecure, smothering, subjective, clingy, overly emotional, and attached to the past.

    This New Moon tightly opposes Saturn in Capricorn which is close to Pluto and Jupiter. At worst, these coming weeks can be a period of obstacles, blocks, and limitations. We may feel inhibited or restrained in some way.However, this energy can push us to be realistic, disciplined, and cautious. Issues pertaining to power dynamics, hidden matters, obsessions, or shadow qualities may come up or may need to be dealt with. We may also experience a push-pull between responsibilities and emotional needs or perhaps a need to integrate both.

    Jupiter Sextile Neptune, Mars Going Into Pre-Retrograde Shadow Period

    Jupiter is making its 2nd of three exact sextiles to Neptune that are happening in 2020. This one is strongest from July 22nd-August 2nd. The first one happened in mid-late February and the final will be in October. This can be expansive, explorative, educational, and philosophical, towards creativity, art, or spirituality. This can also be a period of increased compassion and idealism, however, considering the Saturnian energy realism is also at play at this time.

    Mars has been in its own sign Aries since June 27th/28th and will be there until January 6th/7th. Usually Mars is in a sign for approximately 2 months, however, it will be going retrograde from September until November which is why it will have an extended stay in its sign. It is currently slowing down and will enter its pre-retrograde shadow period five days following this New Moon.

    Some of the themes of this upcoming retrograde can start to become seeded from July 25th onward. We may feel more driven or aggravated than usual and as we get closer to the retrograde itself, frustrations and conflicts can increase. Ultimately this process will help to create adjustments in how we express Mars/Aries energies such as assertiveness, action, initiation, drive, anger, aggressiveness, fighting, sexuality, and male energy.  I will be writing a separate article on this retrograde as we get closer to it, join my mailing list here to ensure that you receive it.

    Comet ‘Neowise’ Reaching Closest Point To Earth

    Many of you have probably heard by now of a comet named ‘Neowise’ which has been visible from Earth throughout much of July. It is predicted that it will be visible until at least July 25th but potentially up until mid-August. Neowise was discovered on March 27th, 2020 and will not reappear for another 6800 years. It is the brightest one since Hale-Bopp in 1996-1997 which was much brighter than Neowise.

    In Astrology comets aren’t widely factored as much as planets or other heavenly bodies are. This is partially because most comets take thousands of years to reappear (due to their wide orbit) and modern day astronomers usually discover them shortly before they become visible with the naked eye. Due to this our knowledge of the effects of specific comets are limited or non-existent. With the exception of Halley’s Comet, we cannot foresee them coming (like we do planets) until they come closer to Earth and get picked up by telescopes or other equipment.

    According to Rod Chang, ancient astrologers observed that some comets reflected major natural disasters, man-made complications/disorders, events triggering fear, or the death/fall of a monarch/leader in the year/s in which they appear. It has also been observed that comets coincide with release or liberation from some form of oppression as well as major innovations that have a big impact on the world.

    Neowise is only visible from the Northern Hemisphere and can be seen shortly after Sunset, weather pending. It will reach its closest point to Earth on July 23rd, shortly after the New Moon when the sky is darkest due to lack of moonlight. Its peak visibility will occur while it is in the sign of Leo and will also cross over the star Regulus on July 25th/26th (not yet determined if it will be visible then). These factors could suggest the fall or death of a leader/monarch as observed during past comets and mentioned earlier in the article.

    Making Intentions & Things To Consider

    What changes have occurred recently around home, family, or other aspects of your domestic life, and how should you proceed going forward?  Do you feel the need to express more of your emotional side? What have these past few weeks shown you regarding your relationships and their dynamics? Are there any responsibilities or commitments that you need to address?

    These are just some examples of what to consider or focus your intentions on at this time. However, it is good to reflect on anything else that is coming up for you. It is generally best to make any intentions within the first 24 hours following a New Moon. The exact moment it will occur is 5:33pm Universal Time on July 20th, or the 21st for those in the Eastern part of the world. You can click here to see what that is in your time zone.

    Follow me on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, and YOUTUBE for more astrology-related content.

    I’m currently doing a DISCOUNT with 20-30% off personal readings.  Gain more astrological insight into what is going on in your life and have a better understanding of your individual potentials. Get a personalized astrology reading with Carmen (author of this article) specific to you based on your exact birth date, time, and location. Click here for the discounted rate.

    Global ‘chaos’ is happening in response to an emerging consciousness within us that no longer resonates with the society we have created. The ‘chaos’ inspires us to let go of many of the current systems we have in place that were created from a way of thinking and being we simply don’t connect with any longer. More than ever, people are feeling the urge to imagine and create new systems and structures in our society that better match this emerging level of consciousness.

    Of course, none of this goes without those that wish to hold on to our current ways of living, calling out a desire to go back to ‘normal.’ At the same time, many are looking upon the measures being put in place during this COVID-19 event and are asking: are we headed for a totalitarian state?

    From my observation, sure, we can head there, if we choose to collectively stay asleep. But there is another path, one that is being seen by those who are awakening to a new state of being, a new state of consciousness within themselves. This state of consciousness is showing them they are connected to everything and everyone. There is an understanding that what is done unto others is done unto themselves. Oneness is a feeling at the core of this state of being.

    From this emerging state of being, most of what we have created in our world no longer makes sense, and a desire to create something new that matches this new state of consciousness is creating ideas that we must have conversations about. YES, it is OK to think outside the box, YES it is OK that you don’t resonate any longer with many of the things and ways of doing things in our current society, there is nothing wrong with you in feeling these things.

    Chaos, as it is often called, happens as a way to reflect what we are currently doing and feeling. If we are living in a world almost completely disconnected from our hearts, built and moved by the mind’s incessant desire for more, we will create chaos. We will especially create chaos when we continually miss all the signs that it is time for a change, and instead choose to keep our heads down and simply go about ‘normal life’ as if it’s something that truly fulfills us. This chaos is simply an alarm clock going off telling us to wake up.

    Will chaos always be needed? No, but in a world where we are so distracted, unconscious and not paying attention, it is a beautiful catalyst.

    Not only does it show us what experience happens when we stay in this level of being that is disconnected and that thinks more about individual survival than anything else, but it also continues to push the needle further and further to destruction, acting as a fire being lit under our asses to wake up.

    You may not agree with me on these ideas, and I would love to challenge another way of seeing this. The truth is you can see this chaos in multiple ways. We can stay busy, caught up in the emotion and drama of all that is happening. We can fight and resist all that is happening, and in this way, we might see chaos as something to fear. Another way to look at it is, we can slow down, tale a breath, tune into this emerging consciousness and approach changing our world from this manner.

    As I often say, what reality do you want to plug into and keep feeding? You can create change by energetically feeding and nurturing new ideas, anger isn’t necessary. It reinforces the polarity.

    Not long ago we did a meditation and conversation afterwards that was designed to explore this topic further, I invite you to check it out below.


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